Photos of yester-year (43 Photos)

  • MakingsofInsanity

    #40…That’s a good way to get some weird-looking tanlines…
    #28-31…Ah, the good old days of car accidents that involved alcohol and nobody really cared…
    #9…When stewardesses were attractive ^_^

  • ROK

    why are there dead rabbits hanging from the stop…thing?

    • Mark

      I really don’t know, but it made me think of Gangs of New York.

  • Joe

    Is that Rob Lowe on the right of picture #42?

  • zym

    Back when you could smoke a pipe and wear a suit to the beach and no one looked askance at you. Also back when people knew what “askance” meant.

  • JP

    Sweet nips on #37

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a whole post of “Caption This”.

  • Anonymous

    #6 – “Sully” Sullenberger training flight.

  • Hamilton

    #6 – “Sully” Sullenbergers first training flight.

  • ch0nies

    #15, typical.

  • Anonymous

    this is a very Dutch yesteryear, I would know I am dutch and I can read:p

  • Equalizer

    #27 – Charlie’s Angels

  • P-90

    #1 Invisible unicyclist?

  • CoffeeAnyone

    #34 ROFL

  • DaddyD

    Wide range of dates … early 1900s up through at least mid 1960s.

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  • garp

    …wadda ya mean ‘Photos of Yesteryear’? these were all shot in Kentucky last week

    • Anonymous

      Kentucky LOL

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t stewardesses be this hot today? 😦

  • aosux

    “She pushed a hoop around with a stick…WITH A STICK”

  • ms. thing

    #2 oregon trail. you lost: 2 oxen, 16 pounds of food, and 71 bullets..

  • frankenbozo

    Coal miners #24. Taken in 1914. That’s Keith Richards in front when he was 47 years old.

  • doo dah doo doo

    again with these old dutch photos, the chive?

  • sesshoumaru1225

    sorry for my ignorance but what is that letter in the 20 pic, i mean why the dead bunnies??

  • Chris

    Hmmmm….I see nipples in #37. I didn’t think women had nipples back then.

  • wow

    weird to think that most of the people in these photos are dead.

  • Nani

    Don't the girls in #9 look like Molly Ringwald and Madonna??? Or is it just me?

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