• aosux

    That was awesome

  • uotom


  • jake


  • Matt

    awesome? yes. To much time on his hands? also yes

  • plastic


  • Just the facts...


  • berky93

    it’s t-t-t-ticking away

  • HellHathNoFury

    Nailed it. Looks as if he has a real job.
    I wouldn’t piss him off within about 100 ft, though.

  • Pancake

    He looks like a real life hammer bro from Mario

  • showtownman

    Um, yo’, Chive: This guy DOES NOT have too much time on his hands: He’s a variety arts guy posing as a laborer. It ain’t fake, and it takes a lotta skill. Jeez. Whatta buncha gazoos. Next thing you know you’ll be claiming that swordswallowing is fake. Know what you post, don’t joke about what you don’t know about, or don’t post it. Otherwise, USUALLY I love you guys.

    • HellHathNoFury

      The Chive never said it was fake, idiot.

  • cat21

    oho oho oho ooooo…..HAMMER TIME.

  • HellHathFury

    @HellHathNoFury He’s not saying Chive said it was fake he’s saying when it says he has “too much time on his hands” it’s not true this is what he does for a living. Not in his spare time.

  • Lokobo

    It’s not too much time on his hands, it’s too many HAMMERS in his hands. That’s why he has to keep throwing them in the air like that! DUH….

  • pookie

    …frickin AWESOME.

  • CunningLinguist

    OBI is a store here in germany like home depot, only they play crappy euro pop music in the hardware section….

  • Anonymous


  • jozef

    sieg heil meine fuhrer !

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