Ty Warner Penthouse suite…yeah, not cheap (26 Photos)

This hotel at the Four Seasons in New York costs $35,000 a night. As you might imagine it is considered one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. What do you think?

  • erez

    been there. it’s ok…. 🙂

  • ReapingTheWeak

    The food better be served on a gold platter and grown form the richest soils on earth. Damn nice suite though.

  • Anonymous

    My studio apartment looks crapier now. thanks chiv-sters

  • saraheleanor17

    The view in #4 #5 and #17 look amazing! I’d love to stay in this even for one night 😀

    • Nateb123

      That’s funny because I find the view downright depressing. Too many rooftops and no real natural beauty to be seen (except the girl in 7! badum-ting!). It’s barely nicer to look at than a parking lot. Then there’s Central Park which is filled with trees so meager that it’s almost worse than if it weren’t there at all. Not to be a downer, I just think there are MUCH nicer views than the highly-toted view of the buildings of New York.

      • stafferty

        Maybe, but you see one tree, you see them all. The all have bark, branches, and occasionally leaves. Roofs in the city have nude sunbathers. You decide

  • hipporox

    take me there!

  • ydw505

    does the girl in #7 included in the package 🙂

  • meh

    35k a night?
    Why not just save up and turn your own home into one that looks similar.
    Fine you wont get the view but financially you will be better off.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Do not want… Do not need and, do not need to want!

    • tommybhoy

      But would you like to re-create the scene from The Hangover???

      The tiger would love that bathroom…..

  • tyra

    Meh, I’ve stayed at some nicer Motel 6’s.

  • nemesis

    35k to look at the top of the same buildings for a night?

    Stay a week on the ground floor and buy a helicopter instead. Helicopters move, or so I hear.

  • heywoodjablowme

    for 35 k a night it had better come with 24 hour steak and blow job service provided by the honey in pic #7.

    • Paul R.

      Didnt you know… the woman come with the suite like furniture.

  • fasterthanu

    Its ok

  • joelinsanclemente

    Quit objectifying the woman in #7. She has feelings and is a human being… and she may be a butterface.

  • malchi constant

    I’ll take it, now let me just write you a check…

  • top dog

    What do I think??? I thinks thats too much money to be paying for a damn hotel room, thats what I think.

  • BBAmp

    Clearly if you have 35k to spend on one night you’re not making a measly income of 100k a year. If you are making enough so that 35k looks like what 20 dollars look like to us this is not a bad place to chill for a week or two.

  • stafferty

    Ladies and Gentlemen of TheChive, It is official, I fell like a fuck-up

  • Equalizer

    I want that girl in Pic#7

  • aosux

    Does the chandelier in #9 look like a fat nug of kind bud to anyone else? Now that would be worth 35K

    • aosux

      *I wish chappelle would have posted on that comment

  • Anonymous

    #9 Silver Kryptonite

    I was expecting something nicer than my crib here in Capri

  • umhm

    Oh gosh..the Architectural Digest issue featuring my humble little penthouse finally hit the net…thanks so much everyone for your kind comments lol

  • nelson

    whats up with the upside down “bud” tree on top of the table?

  • Jim

    Yeah, it’s nice if you enjoy staring at cities.

    For that moneym, give me a place in some beautiful countryside any day of the week.

  • Aiyowei

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  • ken

    Beautiful views and spaces but cold and uninviting. The furniture looks stiff and uncomfortable, It looks like it is laid out for a magazine shoot instead of living comfortably.

    Great spot but it wouldn’t look like that inside if I were decorating.

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