I still don’t understand any of this (12 Photos)

No, this is not the line for the new Star Wars movie. The Twilight premiere has brought a tidal wave chicks camping out days before the release. So grab your Edward lunch boxes and your crazy and get over to your nearest theater parking lot. I'm sure it will be totally worth it.

Images via the great Reuters.

  • Anonymous

    Like flies to feces

  • the one and only one...

    fuck it… this twilight shit is hilarious. i hope there are twenty of these movies. i hope there is a tv show and maybe a cartoon. i love watching teenage girls care about the most insane shit. it stimulates china’s economy, it gives these retarded looking actors a purpose, and it makes poor tom cruise’s character from interview with a vampire look like superman compared to these sparkle ridden emo demi-gods.

  • Thebor

    I am assuming every one of these R’tards has read the books, sooo what are they sleeping out for, they know whats going to happen. Its like sleeping out for a concert that you have a copy of already. Chicks are crazy yo.

  • GirlWithCommonSense

    I read the books. I liked them, until I attempted to reread them like I do all books and realized how horribly written they were. No conflict=boring.

    Also, I don’t understand the “Team Edward, Team Jacob” bullshit. Read the goddamn books and you figure out that she chooses Eddie. Oh, I’m sorry, these girls have obviously not read the books (if they CAN read) if they don’t know that. It’s not like it’s not clear in the movies that she doesn’t like Teen Wolf more than a friend.

    This is not for the well written Harry Potter with good actors, nor is it for Star Wars, Star Trek, or Toy Story 3. These girls can all go eff themselves.

  • JustATouchofInsanity

    Ugh…I just don’t see the craze. I got 30-year-old women at work who tell me what team they’re on. I mean, I can understand geeking out…I did it for Harry Potter…but this book is just a bunch of literary feces that it’s really ridiculous to see people get excited about it. I mean…vampires do not sparkle. They burst into flame like any other self-respecting creature of the night. And people are supposed to find this intimidating? I’d been laughing too hard to be scared of anything that has more glitter than an episode of Rainbow Bright (who, by the way, is the bomb). Seriously, Stephanie Meyer…gouge your eyes out and cut off your fingers and never make this mistake again.

  • dt520

    Ok, so the government wants to regulate food for “health reasons” but this shit can slide?

  • Pants

    So what horrible series pf books/films will come along once Twilight is finally done?

  • Kitkat63376

    I don’t get it either. I saw the first movie, and it was okay. I don’t understand the adults that get into this series…it’s for teens, for god’s sake. It makes me wonder about the maturity factor with the adults! If I want intelligent vampire entertainment, I’ll read Anne Rices series again! Now, THAT was good literature. May this series pass soon and let us get on with intelligent resources

  • HellHathNoFury

    I currently hate myself for living in the ‘Twilight zone’. I have seen literally hundreds of fat girls with dyed brown hair wearing ‘Team this and that’ shirts and ‘vampire’ shirts and fangs *yes, fancy porcelain fangs you superglue to your teeth* walking around Port Townsend and Forks wearing all black with blood spots on their wrists and necks…maybe real ones.
    Really? Rob has a nice singing voice, but he’s not a good actor, neither is Kristen ‘i have no emotions’ Stewart.
    Now, let’s start a Deadpool craze. Please.

    • alysinwunderland

      HA! I see the area hasn’t changed much! Fat ugly goths have been walkin’ around Port Townsend and Forks for the last 25 years! Now they’re twilight fiends, then they were “bat cavers”.

    • JustATouchofInsanity

      Now…Rob acted pretty good as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…but it seems as though the Avada Kedavra he suffered in that film caused a severe brain injury and has taken away his once-passable acting skills.

      I do agree that Kristen Stewart sucks, however…always has.

      • JustATouchofInsanity

        And I am Team Tyler’s Van, thank you…It was the only character in the series that tried to do the right thing and end it all quickly…

        • MichaelGS

          im in whenever anyone wants to start a Deadpool craze. I just need to try source his costume now 😛

  • Cody

    Both the love and hate for this craze have gotten too powerful to both exist. One will kill the other in the end to restore balance!!!!

  • Huy Nguyen

    The people who have the clean that damn parking lot are going to lose their nuts. Jesus.

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    hahaha #11 – poor stupid girl hahahahaha

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