I still don’t understand any of this (12 Photos)

No, this is not the line for the new Star Wars movie. The Twilight premiere has brought a tidal wave chicks camping out days before the release. So grab your Edward lunch boxes and your crazy and get over to your nearest theater parking lot. I'm sure it will be totally worth it.

Images via the great Reuters.

  • Crystal

    They make me embarassed to be a girl.

    And that last picture… yeah, well I’d be crying if I realised how pathetic my love of twilight was too

    • FartFace

      yeah.. these people make me ashamed to be human.

      • mook

        This is why post pregnancy abortion should be legal.

        • winston002

          **spoiler alert**

          at the end of the 5 part saga ushers hand out matching tracksuits and coolaid and the all drink at the same time to catch up to halley’s comet

          • Mattythegooch

            Actually it was the Comet Hale Bopp….but I like the way you think!!

        • SlipperySeal

          You sir, are a brilliant light amid the dull anachronism that is humanity. I’ve been preaching the benefits of post-term abortion for years. It would save us all so much trouble. I’m thinking 7 years should be the window. Before then an extro-uteran fetus has no lasting connections or social impact. Down with wasted child care and juvenile detention centers! Huzzah!

          • Smitty

            Good sirs, I agree, though only partially. Your reasoning is sound, though the timing is off. I feel that the window should be moved up some, to say from the pre-pubescent Tweens through 18. I have learned that the younger ones tend to be adorable and generally fun to have around, diapers and other associated messes not withstanding.

            However, when they begin to develop an interest in passing feeble trends and the likes of Justin Bieber and his (her?) ilk, it can be readily shown that they have little to contribute to society and that parenting has failed.

            Huzzah indeed, good fellows!

  • Yuck

    It will be so nice in a few years when all of this is gone . Though then they’ll move on to some other horrendous series of films to try to fill the void.

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    • nastyb123

      HEY Aiyowei, your site sucks.

      Get off this site.

      • username taken

        You actually VISITED IT!!!???

        (exits left, holding forehead)

  • Anonymous

    So….much….fail….Can’t….take it…

    • goldeare

      take it in, take all in!!!

  • Mattythegooch

    I don’t condone genocide, but you can’t be fucking serious about this Twilight shit?!

    • goldeare

      i\m telling you, MTV must be stopped!

      • Smitty

        Nothing would make me happier than for a massive class action lawsuit to be filed against MTV for false advertising and misleading consumers. MUSIC Television? When is the last time they sowed a music video in it’s entirety? I want to see all of their staff be dragged kicking and screaming into the street and shot. I was Kinda excited about M2 when it was announced. Alternative MTV, hmmm, interesting. What was so alternative about it? They played Music videos. Then they started showing reruns of the tired old crap from MTV. I gave up on it so I don’t even know if it is still around.

        That kind of crap is so bad now that other channels are getting in on it too. Flip on the Weather Channel to get the forecast and owait… no forecast… it is a TV show about some weather that happened a couple years ago. WTF?

  • aosux

    This shit is like a bad movie. In more ways than 1.

  • pisseddesigner

    man, my boss is 40 years old and she keeps talking about this movie with my gay co-workers all day like she was a teenager…while me and the other idiots fill her pants with money…i wanna be a rich lazy bitch too

    • Jon without the h

      I understand. I kind of get it when little teenaged girls get into the movies, but when it’s the 25 and older crowd…that’s a whole different story. It’s time to grow up.
      These are probably the same people that laugh at the dorks that camp out for the new Star Wars, Star Trek, or Harry Potter. They’re just as pathetic.

      • muscledrifter

        You do realize about 65% or more of the people who visit this site are star wars nuts right? Watch what you type man.

      • HellHathNoFury

        WHOA, man. Don’t talk shit on Harry Potter, Star trek or Star Wars *checks shirt*.
        They at least had plot and awesome characters.
        I think you’re gonna have to leave.

  • Russo

    Naive, emotional, waiting for their own ‘bad-boy’ to sweep them off their feet.
    Like shooting fish in a barrel…….oh yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Where’s a Arab terrorist when you need one?

    • top dog

      And that one, gets you the daily asshole award. Yeah it’s a shitty movie, and these people are crazy, but what you wrote are more shitter than the movie. And the asshole award goes to……YOU!!!

    • Lupivthegreat1

      You will be receiving a package in 2 or 3 days, I want you to gather your family and open the box, I hope you have a BLAST !!

  • Chippy

    women to avoid: Twitards

  • flenin

    dont you mean FAILlight? yeah i went there…

  • The Don

    I weep for my children’s future.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    #11 Twilight makes chicks cry petroleum, BP subliminal advertisement

  • Anonymous


  • buttnapkin

    What in the name of fuck. They aren’t vampires! They’re albinos that wear stripper glitter. And how can a 150 pound kid turn into a 600 pound dog? The physics are just not there. I guess I don’t understand. I am going to go ahead and pass on this movie?

    • Flicka

      If that's the biggest issue you have with the movies, then you're part of the problem.

  • Yeahsure


  • The dude

    It’s been proved that Twilight fans cry darkness.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I saw the preview picture and immediately thought this was some sort of Twilight premiere. Oh God I wish I was wrong…

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, thinking the gene pool needs just a little bit more chlorine….

  • ken

    I just don’t get this phenomenon. I saw it with girls and the Beatles and The Monkees. I see it with girls and horses. We saw it with “Titanic.”

    But what is it? What is the need being filled here?

    What is more creepy is the older women getting swept up in it now. What does THAT mean?

    • top dog

      Well it tells me they are not getting enough sex at home. Give her the bone, you’ll keep her at home, Hey! I just made that saying up.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a sad day for humanity.

  • nomad78

    All you need is a molotov coctails.

  • Van Helsing

    Or a case of surveyor’s stakes.

    • muscledrifter

      Lol, I almost fell out of my chair when I read that. You bring the stakes, ill bring the hammer! You do surveying?

  • alysinwunderland

    I can *sort* of see tween girls being super into the movie (they’re dumb, bored and impressionable). What I seriously don’t get is the ADULT women! Is your life so sad and lonely that you become obsessed with fictional vampires and werewolves?!?! You need to get laid. By a dude. One that actually exists. And that isn’t gay.

  • Matt

    so pathetic

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