Transformers 3 Rosie Huntington-Whitley (10 Photos)

  • Shgall

    If she acts as good as she poses then she might actually be worse than Megan Fox

  • pufffdragon

    WTF, Transformers 3!!

  • Phreaky

    Megan Fox is way hotter.

  • someguy

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d hit it like the next guy. She has awesome body, but her face is a turn off…

  • Superior to Pagan

    She's probably hotter in person, and definitely as hot or hotter than I've ever had…
    But Megan Fox is way hotter.

    On #9 she kinda looks like a Rick Astley / Chris Isaak morph.

  • top dog

    We are not amused.

  • rcjaos

    meaghan Who?

    • the black mamba

      ur outta ur mind……or ur just to weak to have ur own opinion about some1, always following Hollywood critics

      • rcjaos

        See that little "ABC" button in the top right of the reply box? Use it.

      • the black mamba

        why??? r u to illiterate to read short form??? and i could've easilyyyy said Megan****** not Meaghan hahaha……why dont u learn how to spell some1's name before u start trashing him/her

    • YepNope

      haha. #9 is the most transvestitish looking picture in the bunch. I am now convinced she is a he-she.

  • dw55

    She is a good reason to watch the movie, although it's crap!!!

  • stafferty

    I can't wait to see what kind of actress she is and see what type of range she has…wait a minute, it is a Michael Bay movie. ACTING IS IRRELEVANT!!!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    I can't believe its not……. Oh wait it is BUTTAHFACE!!!!!..

  • phish

    you are all crazy. She’s smokin

  • DaddyD

    Great body, but still a one-bagger.

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  • aosux is

    Not impressed

  • no name

    that used to be a dude…

  • ROK

    not seeing it. i dont care what kind of uber-skank everyone thinks megan fox is, but she's waaaaay better looking than this euro-trash popsicle stick lookin thing. and i'm pretty sure megan fox will never be mistaken for a tranny.

  • Nagrom

    Nice body, but what a dog. She looks like Matt Smith, the new Dr Who. Especially in #4

  • Jay

    Looks like a man.

  • northerner

    #8, #10, and she looks like a guy, now? No way. She's lovely and her boobs just right. She may never need back surgery. Lovely English girl. No complaints other than the puffy lips. Hopefully, that's natural for her and not due to stupid injections…

  • fzero

    no hammer thumbs, no care

  • random

    what is wrong with its back, it must be hard of standing

  • Anonymous


  • Tim

    She could look worse. I'm talking Gary Busey worse.

  • Hasiobn

    like cameron diaz and ashton kucher fucked and ashton's dna won.

  • hakuthepervert

    Meh, I prefer Megan Fox and her 10 pounds of makeup, much hotter IMO.

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