The force is with this Yoga…WTF? (13 Photos)

  • Jake


  • Tim

    #8 just looks wrong. Borderline illegal.

  • dw55

    is that an excuse to look gay?

  • Mike

    comedic delivery was hampered by improper order.

  • Doublenix

    10 more looks like a junk grab than anything else.

  • nouu

    how about having a chick do those poses instead of some douchnozzle.

    • Vlad

      You won't catch gayness because you looked at this guy you know… They did it with this guy on purpose, It was meant to be sarcastic, not erotic. Start thinking with your brain and quit focusing on your penis… You're a Retarded Homophobic moron !

      • LMAO

        Sooo…you agree we should have a broad doing this…right?

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