More mind blowing 3D sidewalk art (24 Photos)

  • dw55

    amazing #23 is creepy

  • Confused

    simply mind blowing, how good these are

  • metalcool36

    I have always wondered how long it takes them to do pieces like these. I would imagine some took days or longer to complete

  • workin_donkey

    Wow…no "posted @ the chive" stamp to make it look like this was original chive material. Nice move…how's about a little cred to the original posting/artists?

  • Clint

    By the expression on Santa's face, it looks like someone just asked for anal beads.

  • niceguyted

    Thanks Chive, these are always awesome.

  • jim bob jones

    #17 oh my fucking gods.



  • Buffet

    Double ultra mega cool! Too bad the artists aren't named beside each one.

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