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Who knew zipper art could be this popular? (20 Photos)


    13 took off the wrong part of the dress…but overall, meh.

    • yepANDnope

      Would the 10 car pileup #20 would cause also be considered an orgy?

      • QWERTY

        im pretty sure it would just be 10 cars….

  • bryan


    • Gordon of Hesselink

      Failing at life. Ah, some people are doomed. Being a nobody, waiting for the new post to type "First". Some made it and get their respective thumbs down. But people like this, who doesn't even can type"first" first… I feel bad for you. Someday you will stop doing it wrong, and have wife and kids and a beautiful life. But not typing "first" second. Not even typing "first" first. Good luck

      • QWERTY

        i didnt notice i was first after i comented…but i really dont give a fuck

  • bryan

    Damn it.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    BTW #16 is creepy as $%$#

  • dw55

    #20 Damn those speed limiters

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Note to self: Self, begin design on "mother in law" zipper ASAP. Apply for patent immediately!!

  • Benny
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  • P-90

    (Old joke)
    PATIENT: Doctor, doctor I keep getting the feeling that there's a steering wheel on my zipper.
    DOCTOR: Oh my, when did this start?
    PATIENT: I don't know but it's driving me fucking nuts!

  • metalcool36

    Zipper rocks!?!? I'll take 6 please

  • Wefaddesy

    Muy buen post, estoy casi 100% de acuerdo contigo 🙂

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