Which Vette should I inherit from Dad? (29 HQ Photos)

Well lets see, we could have the insane Hennessey Z700, the one of a kind Rossi Sixty Six, the simple ZR1, go to the track with a C6.R GT2 or just take a Stingray Concept.
No one said it would be easy son.

  • Matt

    Ill take the new Stingray anyday…that is one sexy car

    • Michelle

      Those are SICKK!

  • Greg

    ZR700 looks sick. Kind of has a Viper hood.
    Rossi Sixty-Six is freaking amazing. Should definitely make that one
    Concept Stingray looks like crap. If they tone it down a lot, it might look good. Need to change the back end for sure.

  • Masschine

    Hennessy is a Viper tuner so it’s no wonder it looks like a Viper.

    • Rick

      they're taking on a lot projects these days but I agree

    • Jimmy

      yeah but Hennessy has been doing a lot of work with the new vette and camaro also

  • Riffle

    IMO, the concept at the end looks freakin awesome, I don't know what you guys are talking about. Its like something batman would drive or something

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