Soldiers returning from war surprise kids, loved ones. NSFW b/c you will bawl your eyes out (video)

There is a 100% chance you will cry within 30 seconds of this video.
If anyone knows who is responsible for putting this video together, please notify us at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com. So we can give dredit where credit is definitely due! Thanks.
PS The song overlaying the video is “Praan,” by Garry Schyman.
Photos of Why you say “thank you” to soldiers

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  • 123123123312

    BLah………….. didn't even think of crying what the shit…..

  • matthew

    this is SO SAD my dad was in iraq for 6 months and now i WANT him to stay home and lets keep it that way! 🙂

  • Gerry Evans

    I hope George Bush lives in a special kind of hell because he sent our soldiers to a country that had done us no harm and bombed their homes, loved one's, businesses and country away, Not to mention causing lifetime effects on our soldiers families and the soldier him/her self… A really special kind of hell….. Fire and brimstone are not hot enough for him…

    • FWM

      We soldiers do not need you to stick up for us. We are all volunteers, and don't need to hear this kind of bullshit about what you think our experiences are like, based on "the movies" you have seen and the comments of George Clooney. I suppose I should thank you for the thought, though.

  • Pessimist

    You'll stop crying when you realize that statistically speaking one of those kids was probably molested by their father… What? it's true.

    • FWM

      Um . . . dude???? Do you have something you want to tell us? Here's the number to the national domestic violence hotline. 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) Get help now. Thx.

  • angie

    ehhhhhn… this doesn't really make anyone cry if their dad left with a ho when you were 2 years old. makes you laugh if you slapped the bastard the first and last time he came to your apartment. 🙂

  • Mars

    So we need more war in the world for more of those makin-us-cry moments?
    These guys n gals shouldn't have been sent away at all.

  • joe

    i got the uhh lump in my throat.. uhh thinks its a cold….

    all serious though, perfect video exactly how i felt when my brother finally made it home.

  • Debbie Harvey

    Life is precious. Time passes in a blink of an eye. Family…love and passion are what living is all about. To miss out on any of these three things….is a life not lived. ~That which a dad and a mom sacrafices leaves me in awe. What kind of love ……puts itself in harms way….A soldier!!!!!!!!!

    Soldiers rule!!!!!!!!!

  • Thad Higgins

    Screw you Chive. Had me balling like a little girl. Thanks, jerk-face.

  • Catherine Stock

    Thank you President Obama for finally helping to end the US fiasco in Iraq.

    • laughingatyou

      HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA! Idiot. Obama has not done a thing. In fact, my brother just deployed last week! Thanks for the laugh though.

    • FWM

      YEAH!!!! For the fiasco in Afghanistan . . . Libya . . . Africa . . .
      Oh, and how . . . DEPRAVED . . . do you have to be to turn children reuniting into a PSA for Obama? Seriously. Have you . . . no . . shame . . . ?

  • Noogs

    I cried during the vid and I'm crying now while reading about how everyone else cried.

  • For our Troops

    […] our Troops Soldiers returning from war surprise kids, loved ones. NSFW b/c you will bawl your eyes out (video) … My eyes stayed dry for 40 secs….. Reply With Quote + Reply to […]

  • Arsy

    alright im 17 and you got a tear out of me, this was an awesome video Chive

  • Janet

    How can you not cry? Maybe someday when they all come home we will all cry again. God bless them all and their families.

  • TearsInHeaven

    Having lost someone who will never come back…this video was beautiful but extremely painful to watch. Though my pain, I still felt the enormous joy and happiness for these people reuniting. They have each other to hold again, to kiss to take in their scent and their beautiful faces. The children seeing their daddies (and mommy) again was so powerful. Simply beautiful.

  • pam

    Very brave, this happens so often in the workplace. Congrats to her for stepping outside the box.

  • Mark S

    Wow, superb video, reminds me of when I came home from the Falklands, everyone needs a soldier to love, to protect them and fight their battles to keep our world safe and free. God bless all serving soldiers, sailors and airmen and may they too enjoy an emotional homecoming soon.

  • Kiwi

    Yep – you got me despite being determined not to. The passion and uninhibited passion of kids is heartbreaking.
    The bigger issue is – if the USA did not see itself as the world police and poke its nose into other people's business we would not be watching it in the first place. I don't think yanks have the slightest idea how reviled they are across the developed world. Responsible for messing up loads of countries.

    Go home Yanks.

    Stay home Yanks.

    • Yank

      This coming from a Kiwi? Um, what language do you think you would be speaking if those sorry "Yanks" hadn't gone to war with Japan? Not Germany, the Russians did most of that. But the Japanese would own your little island if those "yanks" had just stayed home. Tool.

    • FWM

      I don't think Kiwis have the slightest idea how irrelevant they are across the developed world. I mean, how useless do you have to be, to be the unknown appendage to the world's largest continent? A continent which, despite its size, could lose a Prime Minister to an accidental heart attack and the rest of the free world barely notices? Seriously, Aussie, Kiwi, whatever you are, I have no idea nor do I much care — tell you what: if you get your shit together and stop calling for us to COME AND FIX YOUR OWN GODDAMN EUROPEAN/ASIAN/AFRICAN/MIDDLE-EASTERN/BALKAN problems, then maybe we can stay home for a change and leave you to fend for yourselves. Because do you think we really want to fly halfway across the world and deal with your effing problems? Deal? OK, deal.

      Now shut up, Kiwis.

      . . . ah ah ah. Stay shut up, Kiwis.

  • Alexis

    Wow!! What an awesome video!! Someone did a great job!!! Thank you so much to the men and women serving our country!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Cat

    0:28 I was crying … you got me.

  • Dervel

    Pathetic lol

  • DeeDee

    WOA.. i didnt expect that much emotion!.. This was beautiful… (am I still cryin) OMG!

  • Guest

    FAKE AND GAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LŎkgëd' Kätë

    The Best Vedio.^^ I was already cryin'..bcuz waiting special one returning to me…T_T'

  • writtentruth

    Not bawling or balling here. Just wondering why people who have children decide to go fight illegal wars.

    • spokentruth

      To protect cowards like you.

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