Soldiers returning from war surprise kids, loved ones. NSFW b/c you will bawl your eyes out (video)

There is a 100% chance you will cry within 30 seconds of this video.
If anyone knows who is responsible for putting this video together, please notify us at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com. So we can give dredit where credit is definitely due! Thanks.
PS The song overlaying the video is “Praan,” by Garry Schyman.
Photos of Why you say “thank you” to soldiers

  • carl

    tear jerker.. As a sailor ive done that before an there is no greater feeling on earth.

  • ric

    1:41 burts into tears… damn

  • Matt

    Got me… damn…

  • Ettienne

    Damn you Chive! Why you make me cry at work?!?! 😥

  • fatima

    Awesome video .. thank you to All the service MEN and WOMEN protecting our country all around the world … YOU guys are true HERO !!! KCCO 🙂

    • Zha

      By :RE: Personally, I love the library cepaprr! But, between the kids and the wife I never have time to concentrate in there Actually, I would just like to use the one in the picture..Just one time. Have an address Tim?I can’t wait to see the police report Local real estate agent Ray Pepper was cited for criminal trespass after squatting in a vacant Kenmore home

  • john

    I love these videos there soo amazing the kids are soo happy

  • Holly

    my eyes got a bit watery at 5:30, missed that 100% chance though

  • dave khan

    i like it.. at least it have a sense of humor..rather than posting a naked drunk actress or actor or politician..suck my lollipop…

  • carly

    shouldn't have watched this, now i miss my husband even more 😦

  • Darryl Ortigoza

    I always hated leaving for a deployment.. but the reunion was always special.. I get to leave again next month 😦 but as always, gotta KCCO to get through!

  • maqbool

    so sweet video , God bless you all. I am touched .

  • Ed Jones

    My son-in-law is a three tour Iraq vet. This video is the best. Thanks.

  • Good daddy

    I'm so happy that those soldiers are home. That means they can't murder any more kids in Iraq.

    • ThePatriots

      If you can't stand up for those of us who are willing to lay down our lives for you, then feel free to stand in front of us.

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