Amazing X-ray art by Nick Veasey (29 Photos)

For more of Nick’s amazing X-Ray art click HERE.

  • redhead lover

    the baby doll is kinda creepy

    • Big Poppa

      nah very creepy

  • MeLoveYouLongTime

    I remember messing making pictures like this in photography class, but don't remember exactly how it was done.

  • Motoring SOB


    I wish I was as healthy as number 10

    • amanda

      I don't know what FYAFF means.

      But this dude actually uses a skeleton to make these shots, not a real person. (heard an interview with him) So you're way more healthy than #10. Congratulations.

      • Anatomy Guy

        I too think you are healthier than #10, unless maybe your hands have been cut from your body at the wrist and then been reattached incorrectly like on this one… (thumb side has to be radius side…..)

  • Ulysses

    what is #17?

    • redhead lover

      movie camera

      • Ulysses

        now I see)

  • MichaelGS

    anyone else see "The Daily Planet" written on the newspaper in #1? Nice super man allusion there Nick 😀

  • eqtr_web_design

    Some of these are really quite fantastic

  • petwookiee

    A good TED talk from this guy:

  • Buffet

    What was Captain Kirk referred to Doctor McCoy as? Oh yeah!

  • Tom B.

    Well somebody''s going to get some body cancer…

  • yourmom

    not sure how this is art. the mono lisa is art… this is just some guy with an xray machine.

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