These chicks are awesome at being gigantic (39 Photos)

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  • Stubb

    #35+36 is Elisany Silva from Brazil, 14 years old and 206 cm tall.
    For comparison, that's 5 cm (2in) taller than Peter Crouch…

  • Darren Beazl Beasley

    The girl in pics #9 & 26 I believe is the same girl and her name is Isis The Amazon (not sure of a real name). She's was an independent professional wrestler that just signed a contract with the WWE for the season 3 of NXT and she'll be going under the name Aloisia.

  • yup

    Clubs and the words 'Snu Snu' come to my mind.

  • andrew

    Im 13 and sh 35 is 14 wtf?

  • zarafraze

    Send word to Treebeard we have found the Entwives

  • Vignesh

    These are just coooool!

  • Motis

    #15 Love to have both of them at the same time!!!! Wouldn't get out of the bed for days!!

  • bigguy

    I know #29 … names Emillie Toone. She's 6'-7" tall.

  • Ulric Stafford

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  • Minerva Tran

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  • Chesty Laroo

    #16 epic hover hand!!!!

  • J-Sin

    big fun, and lots of it

  • Gean

    Uma mais linda do que a outra meu Deus me casaria com uma delas

  • Tim

    I hate tall women!! I am 6'1 and dated a woman 6' and Its just feels weird laying in bed and feel her feet touching yours…I guess why my two ex wives have been 5'1 and 5'2…it just feels weird to me

  • Test
  • Alee boy

    As i wsih best to my sisters who are in abroad in USA, FRANCE AND AND ALSO IN UK, AS IT is not possible to travel for tehm all over the world nor they have too many wishes and they are so busy I wish them best time, hope when I reach USA I shal drop in Canada.__Rachael is not pictured here she looks perfect in Canada__Alos best wishes to Helena if she is playing basket ball as ever as she was in USA, ONCE rACHAEL SAID, BASKETBALL PLAYED BY LADIES WHO NEVER STOP AND THEY HAVE ONE PASSION SPORTS AND SPORTS, AND THEN CONSULLING FOR HEALTH,WHY HEALTH FOR MORE BASKET BALL AND SPORTS.
    it is nice for tall ladies to pubilsh there e maisl and contact as manya sposible as normally theya re busy in profession and less in social life best wishes to Sraa tal infrance

  • Sarath


  • Sarath

    Hai all are tall.

  • Sarath

    I love tall womens.Iam just 164cm..but the tallwomens showing are above 180cm i can’t believe this amazon tall womens.My sister is just 132cm.After seeing this image she is so sadily says about her short size..

  • Elisia

    Great fun..tall is great because i am too short i love tall women..i am jealous with tall women..tall are powerfull,good luck for all tall..

  • Gabe

    #1… where have you been all my life???

  • Willie Nelson

    I bet none of them lets the top of their fridge get very dirty.

  • Macro

    #32 That's a man, look at the Adam's apple.

  • Wilton

    There are some stunning women pictured here! # 2, #30, and #37 are exceptional in my personal tastes. I absolutely love, love, love tall women!!! A lot of them don't like shorter guys because society tells them not to like us. On a good note, there are those rare tall birds who dig shorter guys and love towering over my 5'6. Those women rock!!!


    this is my list
    5,7,14,15,17,29,30,37 and 30.


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