Insanely hot/hyper-realistic drawings of women (13 photos)

I figured since no one is at work today I could put up a slightly NSFW post to enjoy in the privacy of your home. And for everyone outside of the US who enjoy the everyday lack of censorship -this is nothing new to you. Remember it's not smut, if it's art. I cannot find the name of this artist anywhere. If you know the artist's name, please send name of artist to thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com so we can give credit and link to website.

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  • yesssirs


  • Khaqan Javaid

    #2 WOW!!
    Really good.

  • Thomas

    I have the #1 Painting by Michael Mobius, The Key painted but changed around a little all black and white and a the ribbon red on her leg and water dripping down her back, I'm not sure how to upload a photo tho.


  • I'd like a drawing of me

    I’d like a drawing of me done

  • vieve

    Yay, more unrealistic standards for women's bodies. life is fun for us chicks nowadays, freg.

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