Haters continue to hate (26 Photos)

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  • darby

    something about that first star wars photo is absolutely hysterical

    • DemonSpawn


      Was thinking the same thing.

    • vicrom252

      Vaders gonna vade

  • kiouv

    Maybe the meme I dislike the most. Just simply don't get it.

    • DaddyD

      It means the people in the photos don't care what you think of them. They are going to do what they are going to do.

      • kiouv

        I know. But still.

    • Big Los

      Ironic statement in and of itself, a perfect example of hater's hating.

      • kiouv

        Now I love it more !

  • chrisdg74

    7 – Let Pete in the Hall of Fame! Major League Baseball doesn't hesitate to use him for events/ceremonies when THEY can make money off of him. But, NOOOOOOOO. No Hall of Fame for YOU!! Bullshit.

    • DaddyD

      He needs a HOF lady on his arm first. They don't let people who date wax statues from Madame Tussaud's into the Hall.

      A new shirt wouldn't hurt either.

    • zym

      Seligs gonna hate.

    • 2drunk2fuck

      he doesnt get paid by MLB he gets paid from the venue or the organization that he is making appearances on behalf of. MLB kicked him for gambling and since cannot have any legal or monetary connections with him

      • chrisdg74

        MLB had their ceremony for the greatest players of the century in 1999. This ceremony was held in a baseball stadium, where tickets were sold. Your argument is invalid.

        • 2drunk2fuck

          thats not a paid promotional appearance for MLB…nice try tho

          • chrisdg74

            Money was made on his appearance. I stand by my statement.

            • 2drunk2fuck

              fair enuff.

  • stafferty

    Why was Iron Man wearing heels? I don't hate, I am merely perplexed. Very, very perplexed

    • Avante

      Thats where he hides his rocket boosters !!!

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I guess the man is smaller then most..you can cgi his shoes, you can not cgi 15 centimeters I guess 🙂

    • no1mini

      Because Robert Downey Jr can do what the fuck he wants!

    • Tarod Kildennyn

      It's just because he's a short lil bastard. Don't think that was Iron Man, tho, I think that was Sherlock Holmes, since the next pic is Jude Law as Watson

  • defrostynating

    Anyone else read the line on every single photo? I do the same on FAIL posts, can't help myself..

  • Jen

    meh..sorta funny.

  • Carter

    I also simply do not get this at all.

  • HuuuuuuuuKid

    The fist HGH post was hilarious, I'm hatin' on this sequel, though.

  • Lev

    And you're collecting due up-votes as a result of saying so.
    Raters gonna rate.

    • RunTellDem

      And I'mma let you finish but this comment is the best comment of all time. They ratin' errrrbody out here.

      • BigDingo

        I'm sorry RunTellDem, I'm gonna let you finish, but let me say that Lev had the greatest comment response of all time

        • RunDMCTellDem

          That's what I was SCREAMING. An accord has been reached.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617461769 Kjell King

    Is # 22 Coolio?

    • Beau_INAF

      Possibly Orlando Jones?

  • Gandalf..

    Trollers Gonna Troll…

    • coocoocuchoo


  • MPMoore

    I'm disappointed.
    You did the waiter one, but where's the Mario Lopez one?

  • jstave

    I understand most of the HGH references but some…
    the mountain biker about to eat it PWNED yes HGH not so much

  • equalizermax

    Where's Mr Cigar Guy?

  • man man


  • GonzoHST

    Slaters gonna slate is still my all time fav. lol

  • babymistakes

    But honestly, who doesn't hate Jay Leno?

  • justsaying

    Baiters gonna bait

  • Alkaline Duo

    Consistently enjoyable. I want "Forever Lonely" to come to the chive.

  • Son of Dad

    ^ win ^

  • vladmirputin

    #2 was awesome. 2009 wold cup in bromont- pure gnar.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Peter Dinklage is so awesome. He's hilarious in all of his movies. There needs to be a film staring him.

  • Realist101

    #14—-guess it keeps the car balanced on two wheels when you tilt your head in the opposite direction of the vehicle tilt??!! o.0

  • googleit

    #15. New Who.

  • Weallhuman

    #18 See? Nazis ain't so bad!

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