25 most extreme body modifications

  • Dylan the Villain

    @Davey: You nailed it bud!

    You reckon if these people were on a deserted island, never to see another human being again, they would pretty themselves up like this? Not bloody likely.. however, they love to talk about how they DON'T CARE bout what people think of them..


    I feel sorry for the poor, insecure hypocrites..

    May they find the peace looking like a failing shop project that they didn't find looking like a failing shop student..



  • chris

    SERIOUSLY!! WTF is wrong with these ppl. Gather em all up. Line em up shortest to tallest. And slap the shit out of each and every one while yelling into their ear (or what is left of their ear) wake the F%C# up, if you want to show the world your different just carry a sign or wear a novelty shirt. Your appearance offends me and all those who gaze upon your person.

  • AMD

    17 is so 'shopped. Or she's part rabbit with those front teeth.

    I have 4 of the microdermals pictured in 2… two in my chest and two under my navel… Not nearly as bold as that dude's grid…

  • Finn McCool

    I wonder if #8 intended to look like a punked up storm trooper

  • chiver014

    #10 what in the hell, that has got to be fake

    #4 is still a hottie, I can get over the ears.

  • chiver014

    I MEANT #24, NOT #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jken

    #5 I actually find kind of hot

    #17 Why the hell would you put a gigantic hole in your bottom lip? Food and drink will leak out. Just nasty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cecilia.pedro Cecilia Fiorani Faccin

    Please, someone explain what the hell #10 did to his face! This is too weird…

  • David

    Fucking yuck…to all of these.

  • hmmm

    #5 is sexy.
    I want them up my sides.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Some of these make me wonder what they were thinking. But hey its thier body. Let em do what they want! And to all the hypocrits out there!! Wtf is wrong with YOU!? People will do what they want with thier bodies and i give them props for atually doing something unique and beautiful in its own way!! Body mods are a way of expressing yourself!! Im sorry your a stupid ass cunt that tinks that anyone who actually wants to do something with thier body that they like and is thier choice that they have to have your opinion. I hate people who diss piercings and yet u have your ears pierced. Its a body mod any way u look at it. If you have been circumsised whether u like to admit it or not u have had a body mod. If you have your ears pierced u have one two! So shut the fuck up and let people do what they want with thier bodies! Last time i checked i didnt have to ask anyone if they were going to be “groosed out” or “offended” by my piercings! Btw i have 11 so i do what the fuck i want to my body. Im not sharing it with you so its not like you should be so offended. And to all people who like yo make unnessesary comments about piercings saying that we are disgusting or nasty for having them. In my opinion. You shouldnt care if i have piecings. Just stfu and keep the comments to your fucking self.

  • Luna

    the end fact is they have the balls to be them self or who ever they want to be regardless of discrimination… how many of these people who post negative things can say the same?

  • steve

    u lot are freaks u to scared to do what they do they have gutts u dont, all u lot want is everythings normal well aliens could land tomorow or in a year then your normality goes out the window u lot are the true freaks of creation .
    you commenters are the freaks probly always trying to impress everyone with your new clothes an shitt that everyone else wears like a fukking robot.your robots.free country they represent freedom.

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