Jonathan Hobin’s “In the Playroom” exhibit is not controversial at all *Warning Graphic*

Jonathan Hobin's exhibit, "In the Playroom," stars children acting out modern-day horrors from 9-11 to prisoner abuse.
Hobin went on to say:
"Kids have always taken what they see in life and incorporated it into their play. Play is a tool that kids use to process and understand the world around them.
All I've done is exaggerate those reflections of our world that kids see."

The 12 photographs, three years in the making, are on display at Ottawa's Dale Smith Gallery until Sunday.

Check out Jonathan's website for more exhibit information

  • gator

    kids these days…..

  • 'Merica


  • Dakota

    never forget Roy getting attacked by the tiger, my fav.

    • Giles

      "Save me Siegfried! Use your magic!"

  • zym

    The only thing really exploitive about these are that I think he's really missing his own point and the children are only props to try to make some grand point. Two kids playing 9/11/01 is not nearly as excrutiating as the real pictures, same with Abu Grahib (spelled wrong I know), Katrina, etc. It's like in his attempt to make things more dynamic, he's only succeeded in making things more kitschy.

    OK, I'll go back to ogling lady parts now.

    • cumvomitblood

      yeah jerkin off ta bitchas wooyaa. ahh yaa hahaha. sex is fucking cool man. surisly it isnt am about thats pictures all "excrutsiatings" it ams bout wahts little childs sees when how things happen in thes world. fuckin tits!!!!yhaaa

  • Broadbem

    I mean I'm usually up for any type of jokes.. I mean Rule 34.. But exploiting kids.. not cool…

    • Sandwhich?


      jk, no artist so i cant say if its true creative inspiration or being lazy and using kids for the shock value

      • obama sucks

        this guy is a total fucktard!

        • yourmomrapedme

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    • Mamaof4

      these children were not exploited in any way shape or form, to them they were getting to play dress up and have their pictures taken, and that was all they knew…get the facts before you pass judgement…not cool…

  • Hez26

    either help or get the fuck outta there, dinosaur…

  • ssss9999

    can someone please explain 4, 6, 8, & 9? I'm slow.

    • Dakota

      i THINK 4 – clubbing of baby seals… 6 – Terri Shivo?… 8 – some tsunami in the middle east… i'm drawing a blank as i don't remember hearing of any recently… 9 – no clue. what is 3?

      • ssss9999

        Thanks for your help. I think 3 is the abu ghraib prisoner torture.

        • Howard

          9 = Princess Diana?

          • BFwithOMFG me

            OMG howard? wtf r u fingt txtin bout? stupid sillly guy justlike step off of Diana . she is soo OMFG cool leave her alone and please dont talk to me again you creepy little man.

      • McBeastie

        Yeah, those middle eastern tsunami's are a bitch. Saudi Arabia is constantly getting washed away.

        Try the major earthquake that hit the Indian Ocean in '04 that caused tsunamis and flooding across southeast asia and India and an initial death toll of over 150,000. Maybe that one, huh?

        • hhh

          don't be an asshole

        • dot head

          fuck you!!!! they all look the same

        • Dakota

          thought that might have been a little farther back than the artist was aiming for, honestly didn't even cross my mind. good call though.

        • I HATE MY COCK

          shut up dicky shitty bitch. you dont even understand the world. u r flunking every class thats about indians and their oceans. you should jus go die because middle easterns don't even have tsunami's and indians dont live in the ocean. hahaha your fucken dumb yu shit tit lover homosexaler

      • Pat

        Abu Grahib prisoners @ "Gitmo"

        • AAWW Yeah

          This makes no sense. Abu Ghraib is a prison in Baghdad, Iraq, where the US was holding prisoners. The infamous photos were taken in Iraq at the Abu Ghraib facility, not at "Gitmo," which is the nickname for the Guantanamo Bay facility in Cuba.

      • mclouts

        I think 9 is Princess Di

      • Sizzle

        " 8 – some tsunami in the middle east… "

        Jesus Christ…

        6 might be Jade Goody, but I have no idea.

      • K94

        I thought #6 was just someone with cancer.

        • Amanda

          when I saw 6 I thought of that poor girl who was accidentally given too much radiation by careless hospital staff and died of a massive brain tumour because of it. Then again, could just be anyone

      • Mamaof4

        4 is when the Governor General ate the seal heart

      • Bitchessuckme

        tsunami's in middle east…. kay several poeple have hinted this all ready but i say it clearly to you cause im not sure if you understand or not. No great Tsunamis have happened in the middle east ever really..

    • Mamaof4

      6 is Tammy Faye Baker, the girl who pretended to have cancer (shaved her head and eyebrows and pulled out her lashes) and said she couldn't afford treatment, people from all over donated to her and she took the money and used it for material possession, hence the bible being Louis Vitton.

      • Dakota

        OH YEAH THAT BITCH. thanks!!!

    • Andy

      4 is about a Governer in Canada eating a raw seal's heart in order to show his support for seal hunting.
      6 I think has something to do with the sin of Vanity cuz that pic's called 39 lashes which was the number of lashes christ was given
      8 is about the Tsunami in southern Asia that happened on 12/26/2004
      9 is the death of princess diana and it's press coverage

  • stafferty

    It seems like he is just digging up sale through controversy. He looks like he has a lot of talent as a photographer (lighting, positioning, etc) and shouldn't need to resort to pure shock value to sell.

    • Jen

      I agree. he's just trying to ruffle people's feathers.

    • K94

      I love how every time someone does something controversial, no one thinks about the message, they just say "Eh, he's just using shock value. He shouldn't do that."

    • Jessika

      Actually the artist and the gallery only broke even on this series.

  • vince

    I found the missing 'jonbenet' pic, and I see why Chive left it out. I've seen very few pieces of 'art' that are in poorer taste. All that's missing from this douchebag's portfolio are some kids posing as a holocaust reference and a kid posing as OJ standing over Nicole.

  • BigDingo


  • Matt

    Using kids and 911 as shock value to promote w/e the hell he is promoting (his artistic inspiration what?) is not cool. nope sorry not feeling it at all.

    • K94

      "Kids have always taken what they see in life and incorporated it into their play. Play is a tool that kids use to process and understand the world around them.
      All I've done is exaggerate those reflections of our world that kids see."

      Seems pretty simple to me. He's putting modern day issues and making it like a child playing around. You don't really think about it, but children play war all the time. Would someone taking a picture of two kids shooting fake guns at each other also be shock value?

  • McBeastie

    Jonathan Hobin seems like a douche if you ask me.

  • babymistakes

    Obviously attention starved. This shit is too obvious to be an attempt at any kind of honest expression. And yeah, exploitative of kids. Big time. But I kind of don't care.

    • Mamaof4

      if you don't care don't post….these children were not exploited at all, they had fun playing dress up and having their pictures take and thats all they knew

      • babymistakes

        I'm afraid you don't understand exploitation. At all. It would have nothing to do with whether or not these kids had fun playing dress up (and i'm sure they did). What I don't care about is the fact that these kids were exploited. What' makes this comment worthy is the chance to point out that this collection of attention seeking, overly-obvious, dishonest pose of an attempt at self expression should not be considered art. This is shit. That's all it is.

        • YouPoepleAreFucked

          Hey i got an idea! shut the fuck up and quit thinking you're smart. instead of bitching like you're some great critique, maybe try doing something original you're self.

  • Pops

    Clubbing of baby seals has been illegal for over 20 years.

    • K94

      So is killing people and flying planes into buildings. People still do/did it.

  • Saffer

    Seriously good stuff, the benet pic (only on his site) is exactly what happened. A kid used, abused and probably killed by its own family.

    Wonder what 9 is about?

    • coheed

      princess dianna

  • wkdfrog

    I like them: I don't think it is exploitive of children (as some have said) to use them in this medium, In fact I think it is a clever way to demonstrate how kids will copy what they see in the world in their play without the constrictions of social/political correctness.

    The artist's instills the lesson to me that we must teach our children by how we live our lives, not by what we say. But that's MHO!


    This dude needs to get locked up forever

  • Coldzilla


    Maybe not……

    Freakin weird?

    Hell yeah

  • equalizermax


  • mattythegooch

    I learned something new today……I was not aware that baby seals were filled with gummi bears and twizzlers.

  • Phondo

    He doesn't really pull it off. Ends up just stupid.

  • Bob


  • Ouboet

    Aaah, they grow up so fast.

  • Bella

    I actually like this. Being a child when 9/11 hit, it was just like that photo. The bad kid knocking down the block tower. The firefighter saving the people.

    I'm also a fan of some shock art, so bear with me, but I love the message it shows; HOW THIS AFFECTS THE CHILDREN. But including the children seems a bit exploitive. If it was posed with dolls or just the scene in a childs' room, it wouldn't be as controversial.

    • Mamaof4

      all the kids knew was that they got yo play dress up and have fun, they weren't harmed in any mental or physical way, therefor they were not exploited in any way…

  • K94

    #2 reminds me of the music video for Empty Walls by Serj Tankian.

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