Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • IKnowPorn

    #44 isn't college, it's a porn. Kasia is the porn star

  • scv

    hahaha #12 i live there, its not so awesome

    • Doug

      I live there too. Did not know we had that sign.

  • Dan

    Those duckface girls are probably hot. But I can't tell.

  • Jeff

    It's funny cuz those duckfaces are also probably 14yrs old…way to stare pervs.

  • Tom

    FOUND HIM!!!!!!!

  • cpt

    is 37 a russian version of 'wacky wavy inflatable flailing arm man'?

  • Joe

    #2….who let Oprah on stage?

  • llama beans

    #3 would be awesome if the word "awesome" wasn't written it. Stop doing that! I will know if something is awesome. You don't have to tell me, you picture ruiner!

  • http://www.leamichele.info lea michele

    really MOM and DAD as your tramp stamp? i dont get it.

    • P-90

      Especially when 'mum and dad' is rhyming slang meaning 'mad'

  • Eight2five

    We are the duckfaces :] suck it!

  • edocol

    #28 has serious plans for that vacuum cleaner and it's nozzle later on.

  • Eric

    #44. All I can say is Holy Hell!!!!!!!!!!

  • NumB

    6 had me in tears…

  • Tim

    44. I used to think that DG stood for Delta Gamma. It really stands for Dear God!

  • emiliano


  • greg

    #10 you should forced to really use this 80's sony walkman for the rest of your life, instead of your brand new ipod/iphone, for such a hipster comment

  • Libertariandude

    #5 is so cool. Glasses on: Einstein. Glasses off: Marilyn.

  • SomeAssHole

    44: I would unravel her ability to see herself as a human being —with my cock.

  • javier

    #11 kid with ManU jersey

    Glory Glory ManUnited

  • Nb4XYisX

    1. Google Kasia with pantyhose
    2. Be thankful to be alive
    3. ????
    4. Profit

  • Joe

    Please please please find 44!!!

  • Bless1

    Steve and Alice side by side is classic. Somebody should do a side by side pic of that long haired pic from the Giants and the kid from Dazed and Confused!

  • woah

    44. wow. that is all

  • whatever

    #29 hangman's house on Krauthügel! Nice!

  • Dom

    #16, Handles?! Rubber Wheels?! you had it good kid. What about the wooden ones with the plastic wheels? Now those fucking hurt when you ran over your hands.

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