The Sexy Chivette Halloween Contest. Vote for your favorite! (20 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivettes who submitted their photos. Don't forget to vote for your favorite. Voting closes at Midnight EST and we'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Chivettes: Don't forget we have a new 'Sexy Chivers Among Us' going live on Friday and we need your help. Just get sexy and write 'Hi Chive' on your hand or sign, then use our handy-dandy submit page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. 'Sexy Chivers' has become one of the most watched events on the internet but it's nothing without our awesome Chivettes.

Chive On!
John n' Leo

  • Kyle

    This contest sucks

  • Skedaddle

    18 takes my vote…and heart ❤

  • Nyet.

    #20 – really, Chive? The angle of the shot just reinforces that she has an awful butterface. Those teeth need to be completely replaced with wooden ones.

    • p52
      • HANK

        Hey #20 oh I mean p52 quit adding more links to more pics of your ugly face and gtfo

      • G Monie

        That pic definately doesnt help… Is she the ugly witch, the ugly "tiger," or the ugly cowgirl?

  • equalizermax

    #3 – Definitely, I vote for Shadow Cat!

    • John

      Uhhhhh, you know that's Black Cat right?

      • equalizermax

        I apologies for that. Shadow Cat is a member of the X-men.
        You are right, that's Black Cat costume (Spiderman's enemy/lover). You are Awesome!

  • Chet

    Turrible. That's what this contest was. Just turrible.

  • powpowpow


  • Rick

    Interesting to see the responses i really thought #3 would have taken the cake.

  • LontimeViewer

    Overall, I thought there would be e better selection. kinda disappointed.

  • Nate

    ^agreed. #1 is hot thou.

  • derek

    yeah these suck…….

  • ssf

    1. The plastic furniture makes it extra sexy!
    2. What are you even supposed to be?
    3. OK, you're hot.
    4. Stop cutting yourself. Your mom really does love you.
    5. Nice boobs, dumb expression
    6. Cute but not sexy
    7. Next time use a camera with more than 0.004 pixels
    8. That's not a costume. It's a mask.
    9. My grandmother wore less clothes than that.
    10. Pick up your clothes. And make your bed.
    11. OK, you're hot.
    12. OK, you're hot too.
    13. I love you're red eyes! C'mon. Press the stupid button in iPhoto to fix that.
    14. Stop describing the size of my penis.
    15. What's that smell?
    16. Creepiest thing I've ever seen.
    17. It's just…dumb.
    18. OK, you're hot.
    19. Iffy
    20. OK, you're hot…and is that corn?

  • Jerry

    Am I in Bizzaro world?
    Usually, Halloween brings us ladies who look extra hot for a day…but in this case, the Halloween contest pales in comparison to the usual Friday when we get the Sexy Chivers Among Us.
    I find it hard to believe that these ladies (16 excluded) have a hard time finding a decent photographer to take a picture of them.

  • Bertie_16

    So a week's worth of notice and this is as good as it gets? Maybe instead of girls in sexy costumes we should have asked for sexy girls in costumes. Can we get a post of the girls that didn't make the cut for the vote? I'm holding out hope that there were still some better options.

  • Htownpunk

    Wow! This was seriously bad…….



  • Jeffgo5

    Underwhelmed – but would like to see more of #8

  • Catence

    I gotta say, I like #4. She pulls that off!

    • P-90

      Haha you said 'She pulls that off'

  • Ron

    Sexiest is more so body language than just looking good and posing for a picture. #13 looks good, yes, but her pose looks awkward and stiff. #8's not bad but I'd like to see the rest of the costume before judging her as the "sexiest".

    Of the pictures shown, I had to go with #3 as the sexiest as her pose is the sexiest plus she is dressed in vinyl/leather as Black Cat. Hands down the sexiest of all of them.

  • andrea

    this was kinda wack, best are 1 and 3, 13 wasnt creative…..again best are 1 and 3, i can only see 3's face but cat woman is sexy

  • drillbit

    there could be better than that, no vote from me!!!

  • andrea

    haha no one noticed the face on 20….ouch

    • Government Worker

      I agree. Deceiving angle. Although,not an easy choice.
      I think I'm going with # 8. Always leave them wanting more right?

      • Government Worker

        Eh, I went with Leia anyway. That outfit gets me every damn time.

    • P52
    • FapperX

      Agreed, that face at that distance looks a little scary. I can't imagine it gets any better the closer you get . . . and something about that pose is setting off my tranny alert.

  • Chimp23

    # 19 was with Vern Toyer… She used to hit it with Mini me.

  • Chimp23

    3 and 6 might be same person…

  • Nico

    This is not what I expected…. So dissatisfied. I expect better from you guys…

  • DaElf

    Gotta be #11 for me 🙂

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