The Sexy Chivette Halloween Contest. Vote for your favorite! (20 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivettes who submitted their photos. Don't forget to vote for your favorite. Voting closes at Midnight EST and we'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Chivettes: Don't forget we have a new 'Sexy Chivers Among Us' going live on Friday and we need your help. Just get sexy and write 'Hi Chive' on your hand or sign, then use our handy-dandy submit page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. 'Sexy Chivers' has become one of the most watched events on the internet but it's nothing without our awesome Chivettes.

Chive On!
John n' Leo

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  • ouch

    13 is a dude's face – ouch.

  • nooov

    Not the usual chive standard.

  • guest81

    I don't get why people vote for #13, the name of the contest sexy halloween, and her costume of slutty slut, although tempting, is nowhere close to princess leia

    • Northman

      Skin to win, yo

  • Amp

    #3 Black Cat Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

  • Carl

    If these are the top 20, I can't even imagine what the bottom 20 look like. But they would likely be more entertaining than this.

  • John

    I must say, after looking forward to this all weekend, You've let me down Chive. There's maybe 3 girls who are wearing good costumes. EPIC FAIL.

  • gator

    ya i was expecting some thing epic………. guess not

  • Dave Murray

    I'd go with 11, but seriously, this is weak after no Sexy Chivers on friday. Maybe put up all of the submissions and let the Chivers choose the top twenty?

  • P-90

    #3 Best costume.
    #5 Prettiest girl.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    meh….still boobs…will not complain

  • Ron

    Chive, why didn't you include #4, Jessica Rabbit, from Daily Afternoon Randomness?! She is sexier than most here (still not as sexy as #3 though).

    • Booya

      She is by far sexier than any of these. Plus I wonder how hot the rest of her costume is?

  • meh

    i would take the regular 'sexy chivettes' of any week over this post.. some cute girls.. but really?!? i know there had to be better looking girls that submitted pic, and with less clothing O.o

  • booooo

    my vote is fr the hrry potter girl from last weeks post.. alot better than any of these..

  • Jonathan

    18, you can come belly dance for me anytime!

  • Bruce Banner

    #10 you got my vote hands down. There were some good (some bad) submissions but #10 was the obvious choice for me.

  • Linda DeBerardinis

    20 pictures? PSSSHHH this is a travesty.

  • Bill

    #10, looks like you're not getting a lot of love in the voting results, but I thought you were super cute. Definitely got MY vote!

  • H3ywood1

    Really chive? thats all you got. Dissapointed

  • Northman

    Most "sexy chivers" posts are sexier than this was. What happened Chive??

  • bob the builder

    Would you rather…

  • autumn

    #4 =

    Just trying not to be the regular old skanky-costume girl.


    • Government Worker

      Link is EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks!
      Nice attempt. A full body shot, clothed or not, may have helped sway some votes.

      • autumn

        Thanks! I didn't submit my picture into the contest, I figured it'd just be on the daily afternoon randomness haha, as you can tell "sexy" wasn't my intent in the photo! 🙂

        • Government Worker

          I voted again based on misappropriation of submitted materials. 🙂

        • Dave Murray

          I'll second that. Wow!

    • rawnoyz

      i thought you and 8 were the sexiest anyway… but that link allowed me some fap visuals, thank you.

  • Denis

    I’m so disappointed I can barely vote. I give it to 20 purely based on her legs. The cat woman is very sexy (especially Chive on the lips, which might catch on as a nasty sex term ex. “I totally chived all over her face last night!”) but Chive… come on, I mean coooommmme oooonnn! What a total let down…

  • nouu

    #10 or your a fag.

  • davey

    scary stuff. I mean that.

    I went with #4. At least she was in the halloween spirit.

  • llama beans

    These girls are all attractive, but what a letdown. I was expecting some crazy, sexy costumes, but this was quite disappointing. Especially considering how hot and sexy the chivettes generally are. I say let's wipe the slate clean and have a new contest.
    The only reason I voted for #13 was due to the amount of skin she was showing and that she was the prettiest.
    When you disappoint the dudes on theChive, you have failed miserably.

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