The Sexy Chivette Halloween Contest. Vote for your favorite! (20 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivettes who submitted their photos. Don't forget to vote for your favorite. Voting closes at Midnight EST and we'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Chivettes: Don't forget we have a new 'Sexy Chivers Among Us' going live on Friday and we need your help. Just get sexy and write 'Hi Chive' on your hand or sign, then use our handy-dandy submit page or thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. 'Sexy Chivers' has become one of the most watched events on the internet but it's nothing without our awesome Chivettes.

Chive On!
John n' Leo

  • frank

    vote for 18! number 20 is a horrible pic

  • boo radley

    1) I'm a girl.
    2) the first 12 were not even close to being hot. the farthest thing from sexy. what the hell chive.
    3) 13 is the sexiest woman i've ever seen. Again, I'm a (non-lesbian) female and i would DEFINITELY do 13.

    • rawnoyz

      u must be #13.. nice to meet you!

    • neli

      i loled xD Omg they're all really nice looking stfu haters!

    • Dayna Vaughan

      Yeah thats something a non lesbian would say.. *rolls eyes*

  • boo radley

    wait, #13 has the HOTTEST body, the best costume, and a very pretty face. how is she NOT winning? #20 is disgusting.

    • you idiot

      lol to the pretty face part. lol pretty hard

  • amandiola

    Damn I wish I would of submitted my picture. Guess I'll have to do it for Sexy chivers on Friday!

    • BloodScrubber

      Go for it. The Web awaits you. B)

  • Nicnac

    I must say… I never realized how most chicks that are really into Halloween really look like crazy psychos ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • red


  • Girl

    I didn't post mine because i though i would never win…… but seeing this pics now, i really think i would of had a huge shot at it! Damn…..

    • t0zterstr00del

      dude, i submitted a wicked awesome pic. and no go. you're not missing out. looks like they picked 20 random girls.

      • boombox

        maybe (even if your hot) you should stop talking about yourself as hot…it's so vain. Modesty is far more appealing

  • Joey

    #6 looks stunningly familiar to Jeri Ryan.

  • t0zterstr00del

    i submitted my pic as a sexy princess peach….and you didn't put it up? weak sauce, chive, I'm way hotter than these girls…and geeky. disappointment.

  • Edd

    I'm pretty sure 16 is a dude.

  • BloodScrubber

    No 8 Awesome. She knows what she wants.
    No 17 for style. Lots of it.

  • witty176

    overall im disappointed but still voted for #19 just for the fact that she appears to have the hottest costume.

  • therewasshrinkage

    1. Has the prettiest face, if not one of the prettiest faces
    2. Has a nice rack of lamb
    3. Is in leather

    20 is all angle, no creativity and 13 is only rack, too tanned, and the costume falls under "i dont care what i am as long as i'm slutty and boys look at me" cateogry

    • blackmage

      I'm right with you there man!!

    • megaman

      #3 Black Cat is one of only 2!!!! freakin real characters!! The rest are just slutty hween costumes that are very generic….vote #3

  • Bud Ugly

    Is #13 and #18 relatively the same costume?

    From the outfit alone, #20 should win, but I can't get a very good look at your face.

    #4 seems sexy, but I'm a little scared at the same time.

    Overall, I think I'm going with #12. Fairly sexy costume, and a beautiful face.

  • shamwowguy

    Nice dude….isn't she "AMAZING" ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • boobman

    #3 got my vote…

  • Bud Ugly

    Oh, just saw the results. Wow @ #13 getting so many votes… her face is a little manly for me. Sexy costume/body though.

  • ouch

    #20 is shopped or might just throw up a little…18 is sexy!

  • Cory

    Eh … Some good ones but expecting better. I personally know some girls that submitted and they were way hotter! Oh well … to each his own.

  • Adam

    It's a tough one, I will have to weigh my love of the Sailor Scouts against my fetish for naughty nurses…

  • Rachel (Slave Leia)

    Hi, this is #1… I realized that this contest doesn't really count, since you can vote for yourself multiple times. The girls in the lead that everyone is wondering "why?", are most likely winning due to refreshing the page a thousand times. It's dumb. I really thought this would be fun and competitive ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh well, thanks for making me the front page photo!

    • boobman

      You are very very sad you disappointed me Leia…

      • Rachel (Slave Leia)

        I know seriously…I disappointed myself entering such a lame contest. Sorry boobman.

        • boobman

          you are taking this too seriously…it's just a online vote don't say stuff about the other girls for all we know your doing the same.

          • Rachel (Slave Leia)

            I wouldn't consider it winning if that were true. I'm just disappointed, I like looking at sexy girls just as much as the rest of you.

            • Black Cat

              Meow Leia…..meow :3 (from your friendly competitor Black Cat) =^.^=

              • Rachel (Slave Leia)

                ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I like cats

                • Black Cat

                  *^.^* I like brunettes :3

                  • Rachel (Slave Leia)

                    Hehe โค

                    • Rachel (Slave Leia)

                      Alright, I was taking this too seriously. There are some really good entries, I think I'm just bitter that #20 is going to win cash instead of someone more deserving like #3 or #8, or even #17 for having such cool face paint. I don't want to insult the girl in #20, but it's such a terrible angle and photo altogether. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sigh

                    • Black Cat

                      I think (not being biased…or maybe I am lol) that our costumes are the best!! We are actual characters! I dunno maybe it's the nerd in me but I like to cosplay a character and not a generic sexy girl costume…I second that sigh (and btw your smokin!)

                    • Rachel (Slave Leia)

                      I think so too! I love character costumes. And nerdy chicks. ;D

                    • Rachel (Slave Leia)

                      In this case, HOT nerdy chicks ^_^

                    • Black Cat

                      hahahahaha ^.^ Be so super if we could cosplay together…sigh…Where did you get your costume anyway? It is verrrrrrrrrrry good

                    • Black Cat

                      We just can't compete with girls that have their bummies out/exposed lol…we got our bits covered haha that ain't gonna win on this site!

                    • Rachel (Slave Leia)

                      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I got it from…it's really uncomfortable but I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Rachel (Slave Leia)

                      We should start our own contest next year, only characters, no costumes-for-the-sake-of-skin allowed! ๐Ÿ˜€

                    • Black Cat

                      Yes!! This is a great idea!! hahahaha…I mean I'm not a skin hater lol but come on ladies!! Lets see some REAL costumes!

                    • G Monie

                      This is the best conversation ever… You both win in my book!

    • SteamboatWillie

      Don't worry. You're absolutely the best of them all.

    • Government Employee

      I voted for you. A few times. Seeing as this was a "Sexy Costume" contest, I thought you were a clear winner.

  • alex

    this was an awful post



  • Rebecca Robinson

    Voted #8; face looks gorgeous and in a sexyass mask.

  • sanji

    talk about waiting for the sexiest! completely disappointed!! sexy chivers are far more better than lame

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