What the… (22 photos)

  • Brah

    What's Watermelon Guy looking at in picture 1? That's the real mystery, what didn't they show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bbbbbeaver Ross Huddleston

    #18 is in a band called XtyrantX. He owns and runs a tattoo shop (evidently) and he's actually a pretty down to earth dude in person.

    • _HypoLuxa_

      That's cool … does he wear his Christmas sweater on stage?

    • lomi

      he beats people up at shows look them up on youtube haha

    • Brosef

      Doesn't he live in Michigan? I swear I've seen him around.

    • Mordecai

      He also sings in a band called Domestic War, brutal sxe band!

  • Skedaddle

    #20- that poor kid will never have a chance….

    • kaveman4130


      • Trrbl

        That's a "mara salvatrucha" from El Salvador, dumb ass, learn to read a map

        • Spliggs

          The '13' you think you see on her face is actually '18'. As in "18 street gang". Dumb ass.

          • Six

            Both numbers are from different chapters of Mara Salvatruchas, suckeeer!

            • Htownpunk

              Who gives a fuck?! They're all still a waste of oxygen and completely useless as citizens of this planet.

    • Gus

      No worries.. They won't have that child for very long.

  • mca

    #15 Damaris lingerie for the win. My wife loves their collections (and so do I). Check out their corset laced kinkers, they are the best.

  • nathan

    #18 is probably the most awesome WTF pic I have seen. except for the douche bag posts, there is lots of "WTF" in those.

    • matt

      yeah number 18 is wicked awesome. you had to be pretty into meth to tattoo 13 on your face.

      • The Truth

        Or be in a hispanic gang associated with the Mexican Mafia. Most members have 13's tattooed somewhere on their bodies as a sign of respect, since M is the 13th letter. At which point, meth has nothing to do it. Handy thing to know if you find yourself in an unsavory situation in some dark alleys.

        Street Smarts:1
        You: 0

        • zym

          Meth starts with M. He respects the Meth.

        • Htownpunk

          Having a .45 ACP tucked into your pants and finding "yourself in an unsavory situation in some dark alleys."

          Street Smarts: Out the window

          You: 1

        • xTyrantx

          Actually you're pretty far from correct on anything you just said. The tattooed x on his hand is a very common tattoo for straight edge people. Straight Edge is a way of life that people live who want to be drug/alcohol free. Which is also why he is wearing the Drug free shirt. So really you were no wear even close to right.

        • You Failed.

          Then why do the mexicans in picture 20 have 18's tattooed on them oh smart one?

  • gator

    #2….. WTF

    • zym

      Sometimes anal gets out of hand.

  • Captain Cool

    #21, is that Ben Assfleck???

  • Jugg

    Wow, that is a LOT of WTF

  • Sizzle

    Uh seriously, #2. WTF did you do!?

  • ANON chiver

    #18 i dont know which is uglier. the dudes tatted face or his freinds xmas sweater

    • Spliggs

      One of them comes off in 30 seconds. The other… not so much.

      • P-90

        30 seconds? what are you doing for the 29 seconds.

  • rawnoyz

    #2 probably got hazed into a fraternity or somethin…

    • snakrause


  • rawnoyz

    #20.. the chic probably woke up one morning with the tat on her face thinkin WTF?!

  • equalizermax

    #20 – She is the no.18 Wife

  • Speedy

    #15 – WIN!

  • mipo2010

    18, tatted face and Christmas sweaters…juxtapose much??

  • Anonymous

    The most WTF thing about this post is that I seem to be developing a quarter-chub from #6.

    • Benny

      She is either a Romulan spy or it's been seven years since she last got some. Either way, I want her to breech my warp core!

  • http://grdrd.com/ Dick Pounder

    #2 is actually a bruise from Roller Derby. I can't remember what league she plays for but you can check out some other brutal ones at Suicidestop dot com and check out their hall of pain

    • Fluffyhairded

      hell yeah! i saw it on her facebook not too long ago. EPIC hematoma! —Sugar Smack from the Rocky Mountain RIOT

  • NomNomGirls

    #7 very typical of the mermaid parade in coney island, brooklyn

  • Pound Dicker

    20 are members of a gang that call themselves the "Maras" the 18th is because they were created by mexicans in Los Angeles 18th street, total douches

    • Guest

      Your information is incorrect, "Maras" is the Salvadorian gang and the gang was not created by Mexicans, it was created by American youth.

      • URDumb

        So is yours the Maras are just MS and they were created by Salvadorian immigrants. The full name would be Mara Salvatrucha http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mara_Salvatrucha they use the number 13

        • URDumb

          BTW the number 13 is a homage to the mexican mafia.

  • Hez26

    there's a little more to WTF about in #22 besides that leakage.

  • bathoris

    is it wrong that I find the chick in #6 kinda hot?

  • BloodScrubber

    No 1 (as from a reply from another) *cue scary banjo music* LOL

  • Brandon N

    #2 I'd hit that

  • http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/boredbeforebreakfast My_Rushmore

    #2 I need to know what they HELL happened there. #10 is cpoming for my soul : \

  • its_forge

    #6 is Photognome. He's a very, very good professional photographer who also happens to be five foot five, heavy, bald and have a predisposition for kilts. http://photognome.livejournal.com/ He is very awesome and gets some of the most AMAZING women to pose for him. He's married to a lovely girl but she's apparently okay with him being photographed with endless numbers of women who are rather thick of the trunk. Which is not a bad thing at all ever.

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