• dietroll

    I'd like these in our neighborhood.

    • sandy

      Thats what she said

      • Semper

        Hahaha WHAT???

  • Matt

    i love it

  • anom

    Street art? You mean photoshop, right?

    • vince

      Basically, it's creating a bridge between real life objects, and imaginative ones. In other words, playing the 'cloud game' with everyday objects.

    • Cleaner

      no, he's right, it's mostly photoshop… I will be more impressed when these are done in actual chalk/pastels…

      • wadafakutakinbout

        mostly??? all of the pics are photoshopped… just look at all the pictures and try to find the shadows… there are none.

        • mememe

          just look at the pixels

  • BigDingo

    Nice try chive… you almost posted an HD gallery that didn't make me demand that the chivettes appear in HD FROM NOW ON!!!!!!

  • Nelson Costa

    Really creative. Respect!!

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  • Adam

    I've missed posts like this Chive. I also appreciate the amount of tush and boob you post, so win either way

  • Anonymous


  • equalizermax

    The only picture I like is #3… Next time do this with girls with lower back problem…

  • Anonymous

    I'm no Guillaume Apollinaire, but this art was surprisingly refreshing.

  • Coldzilla



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