theCHIVE hosts the official launch of the McRib in Times Square (21 Photos)

Unless you live under a rock in Antarctica, you have probably heard the Legendary McRib is back on the menu at McDonalds nationwide for the first time in 16 years (for a limited time only). We here at theCHIVE are massive fans of the McRib and John and I had the pleasure of hosting the McRib launch party in Times Square last night. Also attending the event were some McRib fans as legendary as the elusive sandwich itself: Alan Klein, Adam Winer, and Joey Erwin.

Everyone seems to have a story about an experience with the mysterious McRib. McDonald's wants to hear your story and will reward the winner of the most Legendary story with a trip to Germany, where the McRib is served year-round, and $10,000 bucks. If you do not have a good McRib story, you can make one up -seriously. Use your imagination Chivers -we want YOU to win.

The Legends of Mcrib is a collection of stories submitted by the fans that share their passion for this legendary sandwich. The legends need not be true. They don't have to be possible. The just have to be bigger than life and worthy of "The Legends of McRib".

Click HERE to submit your Legendary story!

mcrib submit1 theCHIVE hosts the official launch of the McRib in Times Square (21 Photos)

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