Somehow, Stacy Keibler is the most reqested chick in Chive history (29 Photos)

Last Monday, I posted a single photo of a chick's ass in our 'Afternoon Randomness' here. She would become known to the Chivers only as #39. We get a lot of 'MOAR OF HER!' requests but after that pic was posted, my inbox went nuclear. So naturally we hawked her down. If you're a fan of the WWE, you know exactly who Stacy Keibler is. If not, now she has her own gallery on the Chive and I'll let you two get familiar...

  • GMO

    Thank you. She's shopped in most of those photos but the chick is amazing for her age.

    • top dog

      Really? she look like she's no more that twenty three, mabe twenty four. How old is she?

      • Justin Hall

        Dude, she's 31. IMO, a lot of insanely attractive women peak at that age.

        And you can't photoshop 42 inch legs. Unbelievable.

    • Dan

      Take some time to watch some non-shopped video of the woman. She's insanely beautiful shopped or not.

    • its_forge

      LOL "for her age" I have shoes older than this woman.

    • Guest

      You are an F'ing idiot!! If she is shopped in these then she must be shopped in person too, I've seen, I know! JACKASS!

    • Johnniringo

      Im so sick of all of you idiots thinking every beautiful picture is Photoshopped. STFU.

  • Bleaker

    Pretty hot for an elf.

  • stafferty

    That has to be possibly the greatest ass I have ever seen. At least top ten

  • chrisdg74

    She's 5'11" with legs that go on for days. And when they finally DO end, they meet at a glorious derriere.
    Om nom nom.

  • saltygary

    More like it Chive. Stick with what works, Broads, Fails… Eff the puffy dog shit.

  • nepster

    Wa Wa Wee Wa.

  • Pancho

    Thank you Chive! You seemed to have read my mind :')

  • JiggQuoi?

    Chive is back on my goodside after the MOLE mishap.

  • chrisdg74

    5'11" according to IMDB

  • Mirror Man

    Can you imagine how hot she'd be if she had bewbs?

    • commentAmany

      not everyone wants DD's

      • ron

        I kinda like smallish tits… but she has practically NONE. They don't have to be DDs, just… .damn. Something !

        • its_forge

          Who needs big tits when you have an ass like that

    • huh

      One of the hottest things about her is the lack of silicone. I hate fake tits.

  • the_one

    man talk about a nice ass and the rest rest of her is bangn' too, she is perfect as body goes i would nom nom nom her all day long

  • akajako

    You know, those legs go on up and make a perfect ass of themselves…

    I've always been a fan of Ms. Hancock…

  • Keith Piscitelli

    fuck friday, it's wednesday, and i'm in love…

  • D-rock

    and what a sweet ass

  • Anon

    I have already committed over 1,000 dirty acts with her in my mind

  • Cake is a Lie

    hell yeah – I could look at #13 and #20 ALL DAY LONG..

  • hossmank


  • Skedaddle

    Legs from here to next year….love it. ^_^

  • Emek

    One of the few celebrity hotties I would dare say looks better in an untouched-up photo.

  • ROK

    she needs to have some work done to get an epic rack to match that epic ass.

    • andrea

      thats what i was thinkin…needs mor boobs

    • Pancho

      Dude, two things. One, if you even noticed that, you must like Justin Bieber too and two, you have no taste whatsoever, so go masturbate on the lower back problems posts…

    • no fakers

      She definitely does NOT need to go all plastic on us.

  • Dan

    Bite your tongue, ROK. Stacy is perfect from head to toe.

  • Dean

    silly chive.. tits are for kids. MOAR epic ass!

  • equalizermax

    Need more boobs but I will still hit her & give her my Lollipop

  • Viking

    Once again, it's great being an ass man. Very nice.

  • truthiness

    Somehow? SOMEHOW???

    The woman is stunning. There should be daily posts of her, hell she should be incorporated into the Chive icon somehow…

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