It’s Friday, you could use some Photobombs (31 Photos)

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  • Anjin-San


    • loudpurplehair

      Oh my god, well done. I am so so jealous. I can't believe you got there before me. I dont know what Im going to do with myself now. Is that the response you want?

  • drea

    29…basically the best costume of this holloween season

    • top dog

      She didn't need a costume for that. She could have just stripped down to her birthday suit and wore the coat.

      • cpt

        best costume ever, but yea birthday suit wouldve been just fine

  • Lisa_Martin

    Pic #1 is a double bomb…WTF is that on the right behind the kid?

    21 & 24 made me LOL. Chive on.

  • aosux

    Bill Cosby "himself" is classic. Hilarious! They don't look like big fans though.

    • BaJezzus

      I agree. I could probably recite the whole thing by now. And now that I'm a father, the whole bit where he says his father was an idiot because he couldn't finish a sentence is so much funnier now. "But Dad, I'm Jesus Christ!"

  • drew

    thom york in 11?

    • Benjamin Honeycutt

      Thats what I was wondering

      • holy shit! derp

        if not him, pretty damn close.

    • gfaz

      yes! sooo funny!

  • Bouff

    # 5 wins because Bill Cosby "Himself"!

  • Locode

    #11 the photobomber is Thom Yorke, the lead singer for Radiohead. Class.

    #17, the poor ginger is about to be eaten, and not in a good way.

    • Six

      #17 Has a fanny pack tied around his leg?

      • Kevin Metcalf

        i think it's a seatbelt

  • Joey Mitchell

    LOL #28 haha

  • Ken

    #17 is not so much a photobomb as is a retard convention

  • stafferty

    17-Midget eats ginger. Great twist on paper covers rock.

  • zym

    The Coz is so fucking goth.

  • Hahaah

    The girl in #19 is double clicking her mouse in 19, I mean playing with herself.

    • Hahaah

      It looks like i have a stuttering problem….ah fuck it.

  • repitllia

    #11 Thom Yorke!! But the bigger news is, he's almost smiling!

  • top dog

    I'am beginning to think pictures like #14 are set ups for the camera, she look to calm.
    (Girl taking a shit)

  • leeroyjenkins

    #10 that blonde has some nasty looking arms

  • Htownpunk

    Man, a few of these could also be included in the next douchebag post.

  • D-rock

    #13, is that the dude from Mad Max, the Road warrior?

    • Philo

      Thank You ! I was thinking the same thing !

  • denied.

    the second time you have failed toady.

    • bob the builder



      you FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becki

    #22 – is that Geddy Lee????

  • guest

    #4 looks like fat a Ben Affleck….

    • Kyle

      the guy in that pic is my friend..and we actually call him that

  • JPC

    #18 – What am I missing?

  • Sean

    #22 is me. I'm on the screen behind the bride and groom.

  • Bizailey

    Nice! I sent in 6 & 7

  • Rick

    #29 is fckin hilarious

  • Shakespeare

    #6- passing a kidney stone?

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