Balancing all the silicone on theCHIVE today with geek Felicia Day in HQ (24 Photos)

  • Chrispeena

    Meh, not so impressed.

    • Six

      She`s a cute ginger… this is THE CHIVE, we need a lil` more skin!

      • mikehthecarpenter

        you ppl. i love that geek so much, its not the skin, or the cleavage, is the sheer power of her, unashamed of who she is. COME ON, she is hot for being completely funny smart and clever. that and i think that shes really hot.

        • Chrispeena

          I don't even know who she is so for me personality isn't a factor, otherwise that would've probably made her more attractive to me. Like Sarah Silverman, that's a gal whose personality makes her hotter. But with no knowledge of this chick, my first impression was not so enthused. To each his own I spose!

          • Kai

            google would take a lot less time than your comment. fail

    • Joe pancake

      not impressed with #24…

      we can check back in a few months

  • SweetJesus

    She is a beautiful woman. Now, umm, back the umm, you know.

    • Blunted

      yeah lets see the swim suit. you know the sexy side

  • drbeene

    She always looks like she's about to sneeze, but derps instead.

  • Long Duck Dong


  • Steve Franco

    Olivia Munn may have the looks, but Felicia Day is the real Geek Goddess!

    • Phil

      Yeah, but I'd still go with Munn.

  • mei

    who the fuck is that and why do we care about a flat chested broad with no shots of the ass or legs

    • nickelpl8ed

      Please excuse yourself from my internetz.

    • Zadkiel

      Stay classy.

    • Fuck France

      I'm with you, who the fuck is that?????????? and why do we care??????????????

      • drbeene

        Well, I'd take a shot in the dark and assume that she's out of both of your leagues.

        • Stu Lijdsbone

          These fucking guys are tools, she's fucking awesome

  • A.H.

    Loved her in Dr. Horrible.

  • brent


  • Nunya bidnes

    Yay! The Chive celebrates mediocrity the day before Thanksgiving!

    • The Real D. Nozzle


    • Stu Lijdsbone

      I dont see your ugly fuckin face on this site so stfu and gtfo

  • Kayaker

    Confusing silicon with silicone results in cyborg boobs.

    • TZJ

      seven of nine?

  • top dog

    She probably don't know it yet, but I'll tap that red headed ass, I'll bet it look like it's on fire. She look sexy in them jeans…she would probably look sexy in anything she wear, or not wearing

  • Paz

    S'all about Morgan Webb.

  • truthiness

    Thanks Chive! Bonus on the Veronica pic in #15. For those that think she's awesome this is full of win. For those that don't get it, your loss. As they say about TV, if you don't like it change the channel.

  • GM3

    i love dorky chicks, they are the best kind to date

  • mattythegooch

    Are you out of you Vulcan mind?!?! That's about as "nerdy" as I can get.

  • Samantha

    I’m in love with this woman… The things I’d let her do to me….mmmmmm

  • Alan

    Look at him, it is Rick castle !

    • truthiness

      He really *is* ruggedly handsome, isn't he?

    • Zadkiel

      Wrong, he's Captain Tightpants.

  • joe quin

    #24.. people with the right photoshop skill could make this picture look very dirty..

  • bob

    not enough geeky girls in this world…

    • BigDingo

      oh there are… they just don't all look like Felicia Day

  • Jeremiah O'Callahan

    Felicia Day ftw.

  • SaveTheRobots


  • Azrrael

    i prefer Veronica Belmont!!!

  • Timothy Nowell

    I want one.

  • BigDingo

    This is the kind of girl you'd love to date because she'd be fun and interesting and would game with you. Huge silicon breasts aren't the only thing to look for in someone you have to spend all your free time with.

  • ololo

    What the fuck is she doing on the last picture ?

    • top dog

      If you have to ask…..

    • equalizermax

      force of habit

    • BigDingo

      Fulfilling dreams

    • MigraineBoy

      I dunno, but she reminds me of "Planet Of The Apes."

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