Thanks to you I got thrown out of a plane (23 Photos)

Last week, Carmen Dickman challenged me to go skydiving with her to raise money for police officers who had been killed in the line of duty in Dallas. Carmen knew I had only one major fear in my life – being thrown out of a perfectly good airplane. I begrudgingly agreed, with strings attached: I’d only jump if we raised $10,000 for the ATO (Assist The Officer), which supported the families of the fallen officers in Dallas…


One non-profit is bringing military to the mountain (16 HQ Photos)

“Physical limitations,” he said, “are just that – physical limitations. They’re not mental limitations. How far are you willing to let that physical limit get ahead of your mentality? It’s all about trusting yourself and your ability, and just surrounding yourself with soul-feeders and you can do anything.

So that’s why I skied down the mountain.”


Tiny fighter stumbles but never falls (17 HQ Photos)

Today is World Rare Disease Day. To raise awareness we’re sharing a very special story about a little girl named Aubree, who is affected by a disease so rare… it hasn’t been diagnosed yet.

Aubree’s story is one of perseverance and resilience, a daily search to find a diagnosis, and hopefully one day, a cure. Read and share her story to show your support of the underdogs!