Patrick and I find our selves discussing a Kia (21 Photos)

As I wondered the L.A. Autoshow, I expected to pass through the Kia section. Instead, I found myself looking at the the Kia Forte Koup. At about the same time, Patrick comes over and say's "I think the kids will like this one". Which was exactly what I was thinking at the time. Simply put, for an under 20k car, it looked kind fun yet not too cheesy. We decided to get in the car and take a picture. Funny thing happens. We can't get in because other 18 - 22 year oldish kids keep cutting in front of us. So there's our little study. It may do good with the kids.
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  • JBro

    trade-in value… the money you save on the front end of a Kia will not make up for the horrific trade value. Just buy a Civic…. who pulls tail in a kia?

  • ghettoracingkid

    i love the cup holder under the hood. Its fancy stuff

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