• myhotrod1

    Natty Ice
    WARNING: So strong if you drink one hot chicks turn ugly

  • jr72miller

    12 ounce bounce.

  • ahtri

    Beware of Herpes

  • Mario C

    I like my women like my beer…cheap and underage

  • clearwater

    natty ice, a beer so bad it even kills a hardon

  • mike

    Formal wear

    In Oklahoma

  • Chesty Laroo

    Natural Ice, cheap and tasteless but it gets the job done.

  • Jim

    What's a beer without some head???

  • BMK

    Why yes, we DO all take it in the can!

  • Cocales

    If I stay really close with rest of them they will never notice my bow legs sweet.

  • Neo

    Nothing says cheap like a 5-pack of natty

  • Bryan Dossmann

    When there's nothing else to wear…
    Natural Ice and Duct tape is there.

  • jakops

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  • Patrick

    if it's wet. drink it.

  • Cron

    I'm drinking a frosty BUSCH, better than natural ice, that shits sucks.

  • Dianna Busby

    Cheap, yeasty, flat, no head, can cause headaches, tasteless……………but the beer can causes diarrhea.

  • Team Krane

    Frat boys wet dream

  • shawn

    Our bottles aren't only the ones empty from the neck up

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