Been a lot of talk about beer on theCHIVE last couple days… (28 HQ Photos)

  • Pat

    MMMMMMMMM, Beer!!!!

  • Kevin


  • Tom Traubert

    Belgium representing, don't like to see Heineken in this album though
    Heineken is piss

    • AK47

      if i dipped my unshowered balls in cream of mushroom soup and bottled the drippings i could make a fortune in the belgian beer market

      • nato2101

        Perhaps, but it is never a good idea to leave your balls unshowered, women don't seem to like that much although I am sure you are making your doctor a fortune.
        On a more serious note you should probably see a doctor anyway, you seem to have a problem with your taste buds.

        • AK47

          I didn't shower them because the yeast on them from your sister's pussy-juice helps ferment the beer

      • Tom Traubert

        nah not in Belgium, they know their brew, but in Holland you might find some luck though

    • alxdavey

      Calling Heineken piss is an insult to urine.

      • Northman

        Have a Heineken IN Holland. It tastes much better than the bottles in the States.

        • Orlandu

          Seconded. I can't stand Heineken here in the US, but the beer on the tour at the brewery is beyond top notch! Where's the Pyramid Hef representation?!

      • porter


  • Tony

    I'll have one, and then ten!

  • Damrod

    #14 is among the most delicious beers I ever tasted. But Leffe from Belgium is even better.

    • hitman219

      Leffe is SO GOOD. Too bad I can't get any where I live…

      • porter

        I get that in my supermarket (:

    • Draper

      and the Blue Chimays (not in this gallery) is éven better

  • MasonGWebbington

    Sexiest entry from Newcastle yet…#13

    • bclark

      I wholeheartedly agree with your viewpoint.

  • The Real McCoy

    Where's the Yuengling?

    • Displayed

      LOL a fellow Pennsylvanian I see xD

      • Scientific Chiver

        I have the same question. We in Ohio are only one state away and have to treat Yuengling as a delicacy because it's not sold east of PA! SHARE THE WEALTH

        • GrannY DanGer

          Ohio is west of PA super goober. That's why you dont deserve any beer.

    • FuckOff

      Where it belongs, not in this album, but in the hands of an average beer drinker. A good beer and all, but most of the ones in this album are a step above it.

      • Displayed

        Correct, it's not a top shelf brew. But they do have better brews than their everyday lager. And being one of America's oldest brewery certainly make it chat worthy. So GTFO with your FO. Have a nice day 😀

    • mulch

      Thats not beer

  • you

    Feldschlösschen, it is superior to all others.

  • Ronald

    Okay… What the blazes is that Heineken doing amongst a gallery of beers?
    You wouldn't include a wart in a gallery of nice tushies, would you?

    • Daniel Scannell

      Actually, they probably would, just to shake things up.

      • AK47

        "1000's of beautiful girls, and a few ugly ones too"

    • joe

      it's called the bun of the bread

    • MigraineBoy

      You need to give the `special people`a chance.

  • David Laperle

    Thanks for the Unibroue beers, the best brewery in Canada!!!!

    • gumby

      the perfect beer for unibrows!!

      • David Laperle

        got this one quite often!

        they still make kickass beers!

  • B_rad

    Save the best for last. Slaint!

  • Sizzle

    Oh my god, Chive, I've sworn off beer during the working week. You're killing me.

    By the way, anyone in the mid-Atlantic region, go for Heavy Seas out of Baltimore or anything by Victory or Troegs breweries in Pennsylvania. Excellent local brews.

    • NotaTrap

      Victory is absolutely amazing….Whirlwind during the summer, Golden Monkey any time (day or night)…Hop Devil is pretty nice.

      Also, don't forget about Sly Fox out of PA…Royal Weiss is awesome and even the regular lager is great.

      • Displayed

        Hop Devil is nice, The Troeginator is the best xD

      • Sizzle

        I would kill for some Sunshine Pils right about now…

        Yeah Sly Fox is the best beer you'll ever buy in cans. Odyssey's my favorite.

  • abc

    lagunitas ftw!

  • andy

    Snakebites are awesome #1

  • @cbarbour

    No 3 Floyds? Fail. All kneel before the Dark Lord. Although the 2010 was not as good as the 2009 or 2007.

    • Tito

      I will Take an Alpha King if you don't mind

  • David

    #4 The Best!

    • AK47

      …if youre into nasty hippy-brew that tastes like your sisters yeast infection

    • Jake

      Hoptober is better.

      • bumble

        So is Tire bitter

  • The Dude

    Mostly Dark beers my Fav

    • vince

      YES! Once you start drinking dark beers, normal American-style beers taste like piss-water… even the 'better ones'. :p

      • bumble

        I could not agree more! I wait all year for the winter brews.

  • mattythegooch

    Half and Half (Harp/Guinness) is much superior to a black and tan!!

    Get your greasy hands on some Kilt Lifter from Four Peaks…good shit!

  • Tex

    No Delirium Tremens?

    • DemonIAm

      DT is mighty fine!

  • Jesse

    Fat Tire is the nectar of the Gods. New Belgium's winter specialty, Frambozen, is also quality. Ambers and Browns FTW.

    • Titi

      Fat Tire blows, their 1554 is by far their best beer.

  • Jason

    #23 – My brother in law loves this stuff. Definitely a required taste.

    • Popsicle Pete

      I agree, but if you're lucky enough to enjoy its flavor…wow

      • J P 4rm SD

        Oaked Arrogant is what you want to try… second to NONE!

  • Benjamin Dennison

    #23 Stone Brewery in San Diego…fun tours

  • fasterthanu

    Heineken, beer of the Gods

    • Dan

      you know nothing of beer I see

      • fasterthanu

        piss off you wanker

        • 6655321

          He did piss off. That piss was put into a green bottle and you claim is of the gods. So, you are saying that Dan is a god. Must be nice for him.

          • fasterthanu

            Good one, another poof arguin over beer. You can go fuck yourself as-well talking about beer like its a fucking rare wine you complete set of bell ends. I heard you talk like that at the local, I wouldn't be the only one kicking 7 shades of shite out of you. Fuck off.

  • ROGE


  • Ely

    #16 is my Home beer…Hm yammi Home sweet Home i think i need one right now … 😀

    • mulch

      ewwwwwwwwww Kölsh Girly "beer"

      • hammer

        suck it!! 20 or so glasses of kolsh while sitting on my ass in koln…..priceless

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