More sports timed for your pleasure (31 Photos)

  • Jon


    • Benjamin Dennison

      douche ^

    • Shitfaced

      Seriously…we've been doing the internet thing for awhile now people – who the fuck still thinks that posting 'first' is remotely entertaining or acceptable?


      • Jon

        more for the entertainment of reply posts. yours is prime example.

      • grrrr

        first to comment on your comment

        • your mom!

          I think being first is great. I love the firsties. Fuck yeah. Fuck all you haters who is number 2 and on.

          • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

            Hater gonna hate /:

  • Taylor Blissett

    not first

  • Will

    #8 is probably one of the funniest photos ever.

    • mememe

      forever ever?

    • ERN23

      #12 made me LOL

  • hot carl

    today is my friday, can we have a sexy chivettes post today?

  • equalizermax

    #30 – I'm looking at my AWESOMENESS!

    • Ross Stamm

      Look up, now down. you are now staring at me, while i preform this perfect turn on this perfect glass lake.

    • jrock

      Shaun Murray. He isn't going to fall, does stunts like this on a regular.

  • Cqcumber

    #30 is awesome!

    • dtkreutz

      It is awesome as a skiing trick, but the shot is photoshopped. those reflections are not the angle of the reflections that would naturally occur. I do this for a living. I can tell.

  • gator

    #21 imma use a flare…… bitches love flares.

    • ChrisJ5285

      hhahahaha !

  • JoeyJojoJr.Shabadoo

    Man, Rocky Dennis is a real prick on the field……

    • ChrisJ5285

      Wow she "steven sigal'ed that broad…

    • Dave

      Now that was funny….im still laughing. Rocky Dennis FTW!

    • Poop

      She kinda looks like the kid/villain from the disney movie The Incredibles

    • Ryan Raines

      That is so funny I thought that same thing.

  • Urban

    #9. I never get tired of seeing foot to ball bag shots. Funny.

  • boogitywoogity

    first pic is shopped

  • grrrr

    chive aint the only thieves. found this post today and it's dated 12/22. thechive posted these girls days ago (most of them)

  • grrrr

    #24 bears playoffs baby

    • Jman

      hell yeh and dont mess with brian

  • guest 1

    #24 HAHAHA biggest loser ever. go away and fade into oblivion JERK!

    • really?

      fuckin hater…The guy would run circles around your dumbass with his foot broken.

    • Bob

      While I agree that he needs to go away ASAP, nobody in their right mind would say that Brett Favre is going to "fade into oblivion." Now, "fade into the hall of fame" makes a little more sense.

      • grrrr

        more like fad back into pain killer addiction. and about the broken foot, a few more plays i think we would have found out if that was true. da bears in da playoffs

        • Luke

          Brett favre is a legend. You can't take that away from him. The guy is amazing, regardless of his faults. I absolutely respect him for everything he has done.

      • cpt

        im sure he will make the hall of fame, but only because the media has a constant hard-on for him, hes got to be the most overrated qb in the history of the game, or atleast recent history, maybe make the hall of fame for most interceptions to touchdowns ratio, or most times 'pissed down leg in big game' shouldve stayed retired the first time and his legacy would still be somewhat in tact

    • footballlover

      he's innocent. Money grubbing folks come after a chance years later as they see potential! Think abou it!

    • coleman

      that is soooooooo mean!!!! Brett Favre is one of the greatest to ever play the game. i bet you can't do that shit at 41!!!!! give credit where credit is due!!!

  • Nicnac

    #17 okay … being piledriven by a horse. The dude is either dead or seriously ugly.

    • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

      That was my first though too….mush brain if anything.

      • equinista

        he's alive and was relatively uninjured – couple of cracked ribs/cracked collarbone I believe

  • Cleese

    #12 Thats one way to get a nose job

    • Guest

      Baseballs smell numb

  • Fags

    Just when you thought soccer couldn't get more gay. #3 #8

    • Libertariandude

      I will never see what's so "gay" about association football. Two teams, in a pitch, quarreling around a ball, just like every other sport.

  • backspace

    whose match is #27 ? I gotta see that video. 😀

  • Bob

    I'm a die hard carnivore and in no way PETA leaning. That said bull-fighting is the slow sadistic torture of an animal so every time I see something like #2 I can't help but smile…

    • PJ Fry

      Hells yes! I love a good burger, but seeing a matador get fucked in the ass with a bull horn…I just can't help but cheer for the bull.

      "Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back." ~Firefly

      • Jnewk001

        What do they say??? F*&k with the bull and get the horns……

    • Antonio

      Bob, you could be my best friend with this comment!

    • 1111

      I agree… I also love the goring videos seen on those tv shows when the halft dead bull throws matador up in the air.

    • jochtr

      I love it when the bull wins, at least a little bit. The bull seems to say, "These guys are killing me, and I am going to die, so… Here. Is. One. Last. FUUUUUUCCKKKKK YOOOUUUUUUU!!!"

  • mgreen

    suck to be in any of those pics

  • Dan

    So, did she break her neck in #5 or what?

    This series should have been named "People getting horribly injured while attempting sports".

  • northerner

    #1, reminds me of a classic Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin is in midair, upside-down after jumping off a swing, he's saying, "ah, Houston, we have a negative on that trajectory!", lol!

    #17, oh, ouch, that had to hurt! Looks like major spinal injury resulted. How many hundreds of pounds of horse-butt on your head and neck on a log. Wow. Would like to know the outcome of that one…

    • soonerdude10

      great term for numba 1 lol

  • Juan

    #28 I can't wait till he has to give it back in a few years…

    • Jil Chastain-Clowers

      Not gonna happen, Juan!

  • top dog

    #12. Classic.

  • Mike

    #24 Urlacker to Vikings, "is he gonna stay down this time?" Vikings, "I don't know, maybe I'll kick him again"

    Such a useless offensive line!

    • pooper dooper

      maybe if they decided to BLOCK instead of watching him break something once a week

  • eroon

    #5 …He strikes again…

    • tony

      i don't know who these people are but if someone came up behind me like that i'd get up and whip the shit out of them

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