Anonymous hottie found: Meet Melanie Iglesias (10 Photos)

In yesterday's Randomness, one of our Chivers demanded we find the girl in the photo directly below. Our Chivers were all over it and filled me in.
Her name is Melanie Iglesias. She was a relative unknown until last month when Maxim Magazine made Melanie their Hometown Hottie of the Year.
Melanie is a 21 year-old singer/song writer born in New York City. Until recently, she was a waitress in a pizzeria, which is kinda hot because chicks that work are sexy. Pizza is also pretty sexy for that matter. But is she sexy enough? I leave it to you, Chivers, because your opinion is the only one that matters...

Photos originally from here. Also credit the amazing photographer Tat Leong.

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  • BasS808

    I'm in love with her holy shit!! God bless my eyes

  • asdf11


  • Anonymous

    So much fap.

  • Joey McCaw

    Photoshop my ass. This chick could roll in dog-shit and still look hot.

  • Anonymous

    Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! My power level just reached 1000000.

  • asdf

    So hooooooot 🙂

  • http://Sumshit Nigga

    I want my dick in her mouth

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  • Anonymous

    U r hot can I have your cell number

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  • Anonymous

    So so so hot

  • Saddy

    She is gorgeous, and resembles a Bollywood actress named Amrita Rao.

  • Confrusis

    She is so ****ing hot !! I would do so many things to this girl!

  • josh hall

    My eyes hath been blessed to see such a beautiful woman…. my question… why cant all girls look this beautiful???

  • Beast ode

    I would let this girl fart in my mouth and I'd say more please every time

  • Always Last


  • chase

    all of them are to die for

  • buuillis

    #25 #27

  • rames

    cute girl

  • Brandon

    All u bastards better backoff SHE’s MY GIRL!!!!!!

  • More Pics

    Damn this is easily one of the hottest girls around

  • Querky

    My future wife

  • Fidel B in kc mo

    She is a beutifull n gorgeous woman.If I had a chance than,i would make her my woman n do EVERYTHING N ANYTHING TO MAKE HER HAPPY N PLEASE HER IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.!!!

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