Probably the hottest redheads in the world (10 Photos)

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  • blendie
  • Joe

    #13 & #20, Christina Hendricks, MMmmmmmmmm…

  • 50caliber123

    How can you have a list with some of the hottest redheads and not include Lily Cole?

    • Anonymous

      Lily cole is on this list look again

  • zaggy

    #12 who is the tush? oh i meant who is the girl with the tush? did she have red hair?

  • nore

    no Neki Case?

  • TONY

    This, unfortunately, doesn't take away the blight of the Ginger minge!
    I'd ride Isla Fisher into battle though….Tally Ho!

    • its_forge

      And what pray tell is wrong with reddish bush? I looooooove me some red triangle.

  • pekito

    No Susan Coffey? impossible

  • Dave

    Sexiest Redhead…… Thats a bit like being the best looking person on a burns ward!!!

  • iskaldmetal

    where is kari byron from mith busters?

  • kiloweed

    So many doubles…. And where's Lohan?

  • Dizz

    #1 Red head Avril Lavigne look alike?? And #4…well Very funny joke Chive, haha.

  • DerbyRam

    Where is Amy Adams??? Also whos is #13?

  • Jacob

    A lot of them look so fimiliar, Scully, The chick from Hot Rod. Is the one from The Office in there? I think she's classified as a red head…

  • Drew

    More #2 – Luba Shumeyko!! simply amazing!

  • Chris

    Would love to see more of #12. My god what an ass!

  • elchucko

    No Kari Byron? for shame…

  • Antonis Deligiannis

    #1….by far…

  • jackson

    as if hayley williams isnt in there

  • anonanonanon

    # 3 is/ was a British soap actress called Amy Nuttall, used to be in a soap called Emmerdale. She did a few shoots for FHM and Maxim in the UK so I'm sure you can find more with a quick google.

  • Addam West

    where is Kari Byron from Mythbusters?!?!

  • redfan

    What about her? And what's her name?

    Bonus if you have more pics of this goddess.

  • Train2k

    To do this properly you needed to go ol' school. Angie Everheart and Anne Margaret in their prime? To quote my favorite politician, Senator Clay Davis from The Wire…. "Sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiid".

  • yabyum

    #8 SEXYIEST OF ALL! it's ALL about the beauty of her pale skin against the red hair. Oh what i would give….

    #12. Just. Wow.

  • Jeff

    YUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM. thanks CHIVE. best site ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    #1 Please MOAR, then send her my way

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