The Chivette of the year is in your hands, Chivers. Cast your vote! (10 Photos)

Happy 2011, Chivers! 2010 was a helluva' year over for us at theCHIVE. Our small little photo blog surged to become one of the biggest websites in the world. Much of theCHIVE's success has hinged on our Chivettes. I've been asked a lot recently about why the Chivettes have become such a phenomenon. I think it's because we're all tired of photoshopped, manufactured celebrity fakery. The Chivettes represent something real; they are your sexy neighbor, your bartender, your friend's hot roommate.
Some of our Chivettes have gone on to internet fame after being featured on theCHIVE. Jen Baby's done multiple MTV videos, Caryn Pick was asked to pose for FHM, Linda Le became of the biggest cosplayers around, and Jessica 'Gamer Girl' is currently the screen saver on geeks' computers across the US. I'll never forget going to a bar with Elyse Porterfield just two days after the 'Dry-Erase Board' stunt and seeing the stunned look on her face as she got swarmed by fans. The internet, man, hilarious.
This year I've met tons of Chivers this year (thanks for the drinks btw). Your support is what keeps this train a' movin'. So here's to 2011. Let's take one last sexy look back at 2010. Don't forget to cast your vote!

BECOME A CHIVETTE: Just get sexy, make a sign with some Chive love, and submit your photo using our handy-dandy submit page.

Chive On,

John n' Leo

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  • poster guy

    There was just something hyper-sexy about a girl who plays guitar naked. #10

    • Ragnar Jensson

      she's not naked. cant you see the bra ?

    • Maynard B

      And those fucking leg warmers make my head spin.

    • Catch

      There's also something super-sexy about a girl who plays videogames (for reals, not just mario kart).
      It was super close between Guitar and Gamer girl, in my book, but had to go Guitar.

  • michael

    Elyse Porterfield was so hot, she created her own word, HOPA. That's worth my vote #3

    • TheTruth

      Why does everyone call it 'HOPA', that makes no sense…

      • germanchiver

        not worth to call you a chiver B) answer:… #14 and #15!
        this was by the way the BEST FAKE EVER!
        greetings from germany

      • KyleGamgee

        I'm not sure, man. Maybe H.O.P.A. = Hot Of Piece Ass ??

        I don't get it either. HPOA, would make sense, but that's not what she gets called. Weird.

        • me2

          HOt Piece of Ass = HOPA.

    • Catch

      Does Kevin Smith read theChive? Any woman would look extra hot next to his hilarious-but-ugly mug.

  • Mike

    It was good to take a look back and fap to all this

    • bud

      haha like masturbating in a time-machine

  • Andy

    Lindy Le…mmmm

  • Woody_Woodpecker

    Is it just me or does anyone else wanna bang that chick that's singing in the Hyundai Christmas commercials?

    • ssf

      I hear you. But she's a hipster so be prepared for some stank.

    • Federal Chiver

      Oh, I would do so much more! Damn commercial doesn't show enough of her, but she has a totally hot look to her…

    • brent

      Pomplamoose. google it.

      • What?

        The chic that looks like Justin Beiber? No thanks

  • damon

    #9, I shall call you 'Boner Girl'

    • elbrando

      She got my vote. Spanish women just do it for me, not to mention she *wants* to give me a boner.

      • asgard

        #9 FTW, I will vote for her 1000 times if I have to make her win, she is just perfect.

        • 6655321

          She's my new pretend girl friend. We'll go out, have dinner, a few drinks, then back to my place for video games and a snuggle fight. My life is awful.

  • Steve Franco

    I had to vote for Elyse Porterfield – because of her, I was able to find TheChive!

  • Satanas

    hardest desition ever! 😦

    • pwill

      usually seeing spelling errors is nbd but seriously? desition?

      • Simpson

        " nbd" as in what ?

        • CalculatedRisk

          I'm gonna go with "no big deal" on this one, friend…

  • TCB12

    #10 guitar girl FTW!!!

  • Keith Piscitelli

    Hate that I just have to pick one….

    • BigDingo

      I'm pretty sure everyone that got to enjoy these lovely ladies were winners…

  • Rems

    For [u]SEXIEST[/u] you have to go with #6

    • GTO

      script fail; pick win

    • llama beans

      showing nipple won't help

      • SweetAwesomeness

        true….but i have a feeling the see thru shot will get her placed in the top 3……us chivers are pervs like that!

    • doober

      nipples FTW. it should be automatic. we should be encouraging nipples

    • Pyp

      The last pic for her ruins the others in my opinion.
      As a gay girl I look for more then nipples…but not very much more. :p

  • bob

    vote goes for the possibly cutest gamer girl in the world #7

    • vince

      Gamer Girl is the epitome of the Chive…

    • Conor

      I 2nd that!

    • Farrariz

      Agreed friend.

    • KyleGamgee

      I give her super props for being WAY cute with a shirt on.

    • skatmeister

      she wins. all the others are bimbos

      • Jessica Condrey

        oh hey ya'll 😉 thanks a bunch ❤

  • Kai

    Close call between #8 & #10 , but I had to go w/ the underdog (not the gallery thumb), # 8

  • parsec

    Thanks Chivettes! Let's give the chive some credit too. thanks for the laughs and the sexy anonymous girls.

    Oh, and I'm going Misty all day #8


      8 ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

  • mike baker

    Leena, you are a special kind of sexy. damn #2

    • V.A.

      Yup, Leena wins in my book.


    GAMER GIRL #7 ———–>

  • Linda DeBerardinis

    Jessicaaaaa all the way! Gamers unite.

  • mattythegooch

    JEN BABY!!!!!! #6 good Lord!

    • germanchiver

      Jen Baby was in 2009! This vote is for 2010…

      • mattythegooch

        If I can't have a repeat….then #7!!

  • XOS

    andddd i went with Jen Baby…she cant be denied

  • MigraineBoy

    #7 must win!

  • sick in hand

    had to go with #6…………

  • Chris Lawrence

    #9 for her desire to give boners, nice!!!!

  • Cris Ron

    you guys have shown better girls this year me thinks

  • googboog

    #3 HOPA will always have a special place in my heart. she gets my vote 😀

  • Mcardle

    jen baby shows boobs, jen baby wins.

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