The Chivette of the year is in your hands, Chivers. Cast your vote! (10 Photos)

Happy 2011, Chivers! 2010 was a helluva' year over for us at theCHIVE. Our small little photo blog surged to become one of the biggest websites in the world. Much of theCHIVE's success has hinged on our Chivettes. I've been asked a lot recently about why the Chivettes have become such a phenomenon. I think it's because we're all tired of photoshopped, manufactured celebrity fakery. The Chivettes represent something real; they are your sexy neighbor, your bartender, your friend's hot roommate.
Some of our Chivettes have gone on to internet fame after being featured on theCHIVE. Jen Baby's done multiple MTV videos, Caryn Pick was asked to pose for FHM, Linda Le became of the biggest cosplayers around, and Jessica 'Gamer Girl' is currently the screen saver on geeks' computers across the US. I'll never forget going to a bar with Elyse Porterfield just two days after the 'Dry-Erase Board' stunt and seeing the stunned look on her face as she got swarmed by fans. The internet, man, hilarious.
This year I've met tons of Chivers this year (thanks for the drinks btw). Your support is what keeps this train a' movin'. So here's to 2011. Let's take one last sexy look back at 2010. Don't forget to cast your vote!

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Chive On,

John n' Leo

  • A.T.

    I take #4 over the guitar girl any day
    dono wth is up with the voters 😐

  • Mike Engler

    i've gotta be honest… this lineup is weak! the decision is pretty easy! go erin #10

  • Mars

    that tool shirt is fffffff'n awesome!!! half of these girls seem like a bunch of posers though. "gamer girl", "guitar girl"? but whatever, that's cool I guess…

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #7 had to stick with the gamer girl…She really has that down to home feeling

  • Kord

    That tool shirt almost swayed me… But I dun good…

  • Vij

    Close call between #6 and #10. Had to go with 10

  • @jintonico

    Voted on #3…
    It's thanks to her that i've know about the Chive 🙂

  • facebook

    not gonna lie, i'm a sucker for asians with big fake boobs… mmm.

  • Dennis Paulsen

    Misty if you are reading, I voted for you!

  • Eric

    #7 is by far the hottest

  • Faustino Junge Hasen Aguirre

    siempre fiel a Linda 🙂

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  • Motte

    Because of Shay's (seriously wtf?) gleaming ommission…I guess I had to settle for Where The Wild Things Are.

  • nate

    #4 on the ass shot alone

  • Matzoh

    I would vote for #4 and that ass all day long. Marry me Stephanie?

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  • Stockkarr

    My Vote goes to #8—-I love me some Misty Sunshine. Good Luck Misty!

  • Kevin Kcaos

    My Vote for Misty Ramano!

  • Jaxsonn

    Guys please wake up. Stop voting for #10. She doesn't even compare to Misty Romano. Misty is by far the most gorgeous girl on here. Vote for her.

  • Billy


  • majorfathhead


  • HellbillyHoundog

    #8 is the bees knees

  • Always Last


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