Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • NOUU

    #31 you look like a couple of fuckin doorknobs

  • http://www.youtube.com/redhandedrejects Ethan

    I love smashburger!

  • Kevintee

    #48, you're my new favorite person.

  • top dog

    #41, Not bad, not too bad at all.

  • http://paulgillespie.me Pauly

    #34 – don't care. At all. 🙂

  • pschlot1

    smashburger is the best and no one beats shay maria

  • Agnt Pisant

    #31, I don't get it… face swap? The one in the dress is the guy and the other one is the girl?

    #32 Vin Diesel look-alike showing up at your party… cool. Standing like a homo in between Vin Diesel and another homo without enough money for a proper razor or enough testosterone for a full beard… while the half bearded homo touches your nipple… PRICELESS.

  • jarvis

    i'm pretty sure i've visited all the pages in The Chive, but there's a gallery of lip bites?

  • vagabundo

    YAY #46

  • Ely

    #44 Nice ass…MOAR would like to knew her Name Sexy back!

  • Sal

    #41 Upgrade

  • TheRocker

    …Guys….. #34 is shopped… because it's a drawing… and a damn good one!

  • lokiz

    cant find #10 with that name. found a anri sugihara with lower back problems also. is she the same???

  • JTB

    Can I document the 48 hour lovemaking session in any way? Can I tell people about it? Is it just sex or are we allowed to go out and do things unrelated to sex? What if the girl I choose decides she likes me and we start dating? Is that allowed? Can I choose anybody from any point in history or just people in their current forms?

    Is the money tax-free? Can I tell anyone about this deal (i.e., could I explain the terms of this "$20 everyday forever" deal to a bank in an attempt to get a loan based on that)?

  • Dunny_

    #41 She's pretty hot. Looks kinda like 1980's Kim Cattrall when she was hot in Mannequin

  • gozer

    dmv thinks it promotes oral, so they banned it. Senn it driving before:)

  • Toddley

    #44 = Heaven

  • floscar

    #3 that shirt is the shiz!

  • mgreen

    Thank you #48. The way it should be done

  • http://www.facebook.com/mihap91 Miha Perhavec

    #24 – money, after a couple of weeks i'd buy my sex. #38 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • kualjo

    #26 I think Donna Lethal is hiding the bodies in her hair.

  • jacksonbrown

    sersiously 20 bucks a day is squat in the end just get a better job.. I'll take the sex…do I get to video??

  • Lopin18

    Too bad, Vin Diesel was selling us fruits in the Dominican Republic 😛

    Legitimate, He spends a lot of time in this country and goes to the slums and hoods and has a lot of freedom having fun and helping people and the kids, seems he enjoys the lifestyle he gets here.

    Sadly i dont know how to post the pic 😛

  • Anthony

    I was sure i was going to take the money, but after seeing the mila kunis gif…tough decision

  • Kyle

    MORE #46

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