It’s the Detroit concepts season, he’s a fun one from the past (12 HQ Photos)

This is the Shelby GR-1 concept. It carries a meager price of $2.2 million but I'm sure the 6.4 liter V10 is worth every penny. That being said, there's nothing like the eye candy of a concept car. What do you think about the design?
theTHROTTLE wants to show off your favorite concepts
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theTHROTTLE wants to show off your favorite concepts
Submit your Photos here

  • Cqcumber

    very ford gt like, the shape and body…

    but 2.2million?? i dont know man…

  • Locode

    I'd buy one if I was filthy rich

  • James

    OK, so I've got this great idea for a car, modern, like nothing you've seen before! oh fuck it, let's just re-hash something retro…
    stupid americans, they should have built this not the boring GT40

  • Dizz

    Hmm…I like it but would not spend $2.2m on a Ford. plus I like #7 this design better! I'll take one please!

  • def67

    how about lower the price to under 40 grand, put the new 5.0 in it and call it the 2014 Mustang?

  • mgreen

    Pretty Badass!

  • Kevin

    The only thing good about that is the paint. Nothing else. Yuck.

  • texjosh

    I wanted to like it. I tried. But it's rubbish. This car isn't even interesting to look at. The gull-wings just look like a hideous attempt to get attention. For $2.2 million that car better dust a Veyron and I'm guessing (just to the naked eye) that, that front end is coming off the ground at 200 mph. Disappointing. Why did they discontinue the GT?

  • seancav

    What an amazing car. This car would definitely turn my head if it drove by on the highway. I've been known to pull into parking lots just to see lamborghini's when I spot them. This car reminds me a a space landing vehicle that comes out of the mother ship.

  • Dental Labs

    Wow, what a stunning car that is! Perfectly captured in those HQ photos. Anyone has any idea what the market price of this car is? I'm considering getting it for my girlfriend as a first month anniversary present.

  • miscellaneous

    I think it's sleek, sexy and beautiful…..and so is the redhead.

  • Anna Ashmore

    Wow, what a stunning car that is! nice photos. what is the price of this?

  • Dane

    It sure is insanely expensive but if I get to bring home the babe on #7 it sure would be a lot worth it! That sleek and thrill of the ride one could get.

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