• Agnostos


  • Just Sayin'

    when the title said "in all of 2010" i was expecting the clips to be from 2010… unfortunately the majority of those clips wern't. Still entertaining though!

  • nurseshark

    'luckest' you say? '2010' you say?

    • iPawn

      there's nothing wrong with the title. can you make a video for luckiest moments in all of 2011?

      • http://game-fucktory.blogspot.com/ lmao

        if you spell luckiest correct, obviously you're ahead of these guys already

    • Locode

      what's a *luckest*?

  • Anakrusix

    Holy f*k! Some of those are more than luck!

  • McBeastie

    Is it a rule that these compilation videos have to be accompanied by the crappiest music available?

    • germanchiver

      You must be joking!

      • McBeastie

        I am not!

      • ikindalikeapples

        i dont think he is

    • jason in pc

      personall i like the song, but for fuks sake you have to admit there is no better fitting song to the theme of the video. you fukin twat.

      • McBeastie

        I admit nothing!

    • Professor Jive

      If it's such a problem, mute the video and play your own crappy music. Fix'd.

      • McBeastie

        Done. Thank you so much. No wonder you are a professor.

  • P90

    Fucking hell I wish I had some of their luck, I'm so unlucky that if I fell in a barrel full of tits I'd come out sucking my thumb.

    • Sarah

      LMAO – heheheh – goddamn that was oddly amusing…

      And you're quite right – the luck on these videos is outstanding…

  • MikeK


  • Annonymous

    The bank robbery was fucking hilarious!! That's straight out of a comedy!!

    • nwest

      but totally faked.. notice the one police car just sitting across the street waiting for the other one to pass it.

    • cpt

      it was for a commercial that came out a few years ago, forget what for, so it is in fact straight out of a comedy

  • D.C

    knockin on heavens door was an appropriate musical choice!

    • D.C

      also that guy who gets spun out by the cops twice and corrects it both times is a good fuckin driver. If i was the cop i'd tell him I wasn't even mad, i was impressed

      • Lyrex

        If that is the chase from Oklahoma City, then they spun him out a 3rd time and he drove several hundred hards in reverse before turning back around. Finally got pitted by two cars and pinned in.

        • Lyrex

          that is yards, not hards

      • Josh

        he was tased multiple times……while all of the cops talked about how well he evaded them lol

    • Conor

      I 2nd that 🙂

  • Conor

    Some of these are fake and/or ads. The rest though, are amazing, seen most, but newer ones were scary.

    Especially the plane ones, gonna feel uncomfy going back on a plane again :s

  • Sarah

    That Cabury's cream egg one must've been an advert… even so – Flippin Nora….

  • Dan

    Now I see why so many people got killed at that Baja race last year.

  • Horatio

    Like a freaking boss!

  • osborl12

    5:49 is attempted murder!

  • dpitty

    i watched this muted. the 2 seconds of shitty music that i heard before i could hit mute ruined the remaining 8:46.

    • Jessica

      I was enjoying the video and comments till I saw your douchy guido profile photo. The 2 seconds of your douchiness ruined over 9000 minutes.

    • ImJustHere

      Da Da Da Da Da dooooooouuuuucccchhhheeee bagiit

  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    6:01 wtf!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    luck only lasts so long

  • DanielB

    Is anybody else freaked out by the father throwing his kid in front of a speeding car?

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  • Vinny

    Lots of careless people, doing stupid things too fast, recklessly endangering the lives of everyone around them. Why can't they just die?
    What a "brave" new world!

  • dave

    I have seen this vid before but with way better music, nice copy pasta…

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  • Carnoculus

    2:01 What the fuck fell on that dude's car?!

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