Like a boss. (27 photos)

  • mith


    • schmeilsson

      like a boss

      • mith

        Well played Sir. Well played..

    • Brad

      Yes you are the first BITCH now GTFO!

  • lame

    first! like a boss!

    • Biff

      Fail! like a boss!

  • kelly

    #24 is a cutie

    • TylerV

      Like a boss!

  • Matt

    Second! Bee-yatchez!

    • Kevrobmc

      Your Douchebaggery knows no bounds!

  • Fisheyes

    Repeat…like a boss

  • man man

    #4 FTW

  • Skeet

    I was looking at old posts on the chive and I have to say, the comments used to be weak. They have now been stepped up, like a boss. Good job Chivers.

  • Frink

    #26 She has been on before, is she a comedian in China?

    • Ben

      No, she's a canadian import.

  • kevguy

    #25 isn't boss-like but it made me laugh

    • RiKo

      Smelling his own farts.. Like a Boss

    • Ben

      Getting ready to take it, like a bitch.

    • JAFitC

      Exhibiting what he wants kissed. Like a boss.

    • TylerV

      Suck my own dick…LIKE A BOSS

    • Uminy

      Ready to insert his own head…very boss-like.

    • Manda

      Yep it looks like he's ready to be taken in the ass

  • Nick

    #26 had me rolling!

    • Jen

      egg rolling?

      • Ravienne_Cullen

        Jen, you made me spit out my coffee!xD

  • Cranklin

    seems as though Leo must be hungover a lot…boozing, like a boss apparently…

  • mase

    #21 wish i was there

  • RiKo

    #2 Eat it u Pussy!

  • Nick

    Uh huh, you know what it is
    Black and yellow, Black and Yellow.

    • V4Vendetta14

      Finish Him!!!

  • Mr_Rob

    #7 "whant to know the machine in my pants? 1313" Nice pickup line, uh?

  • Daaneskjold

    can't beat #17 lol

  • OwnerOfYou

    Good one, Leo! This post is Boss

  • Diana Santos

    #25 i almost can feel the smell 😡

  • Kennydmac

    #27 ROLex. Get it? Do you get it? >.>

  • Monty

    #9 looks like Patton Oswalt! HAHAHAHAA!!!

    • Sizzle

      Haha. Holy crap I was thinking the same thing!

  • kami kazzeeeee

    26th jigga what

  • Shak

    #22 made me stop and wait for him to move or something… Damn GIFS!

  • Zoey

    "We're… on a… diplomatic mission… from Alderan…"

  • chico

    what kind of dog is #4?

    • Jen

      its your mom.

    • Barry

      a chow chow

  • Justin

    #12 Why so serious?

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