Things real people don’t say about advertising (23 photos)

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Check out -dedicated to Things real people don’t say about advertising and submit your own stock photo with snarky headline

  • Jen

    where are the boobs?

    • Lev

      Is this a porn site?

  • zarafraze

    This is AWESOME (if you know about advertising) but still, awesome. Can I has MOAR job-specific humor?

  • fatlizard

    #4#4#4#4 how many more times do I have to say #4 is hott. MOAR

  • Mark Cebrian

    God I fucking hate ads

  • Terry Burke

    attention span

  • Jfrost

    The sad thing is, people are dumb enough that just changing the font or the logo or ending perscriptions in a vowel actually works…

    Now, the dancing "go back to school" lady… I don't know who the hell clicks on those.

  • Michael

    Funny post. #12 is gorgeous too!

  • Shannon

    Yay design/advertising humor.

  • Frito_Pants

    I worked in advertising for two corporations for 10 years. It's funny how much of this actually gets discussed in meetings and how much time is wasted hyping its importance.

  • Shithead

    This shit was fucking dumb. Fuck all of you advertisers and marketers. Rot in fucking hell.

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  • Nick

    Very funny. You have to be in marketing to get it I suppose!

  • PUNK

    Honestly, this is funny and right on point. To all you haters out there who don't work in advertising / marketing / design, this post is hilarious. You don't have the same experience to find it hilarious – and that's OK. Just find a different website to laugh at today, and come back when they have burger flipping humor so that you get all the jokes.

    (Fight snark with snark.)

  • Kristin

    What does it say about what I do for a living that I found this post to be HILARIOUS!! Loved No 23 especially (waaaay too many years in healthcare marketing!!).

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