The Hunt is over: Jesus found (36 Photos)

These awesome photos and many more via the good people over at

  • jesus


    • George

      It's all bullshit, and it's bad for ya.

      • yup

        If some people really wanna see Jesus, they just need to keep up those eating habits.

  • @importantcrap

    I'll still take Abe Lincoln on a Grizzly Bear. At least both of those were real.

    • Christian Lundberg

      Jesus was a real human. You may not believe in him as the son of god but there was a man named Jesus of Nazareth that lived 2000 years ago

  • Cristi Palincas

    #34, really?

    • Tylor

      ahaha that just makes you chuckle…

  • Jimbo_slice

    #34 Jeez-ass?

  • figurefour

    lol #34

  • glc

    You can find that anywhere you look, never thought on looking there though #34

  • Anakrusix

    I'm religious and everything… but this kind of stuff makes me laugh. Iiiiii'm going to hell.

  • V.A.

    You've gotta question the faith when he starts showing up in…. well, #34

  • Tyrell

    Horrible post.

  • aosux

    Christ, this was lame

  • brad

    I'm glad you found Emilie & Willow first

  • Bob

    I find extremely ofensive that you think Jesus face looks like a Dog's anus. I also find it extremely funny

    • A.H.

      Not funny at all, just offensive. Fuck you Chive and the closet homos that run the place!

      • Uminy

        Not offensive at all, just funny. Fuck you A.H. and the closet homos that pray with you.

        • HANK

          Yeah AH why you go have sex with the easter bunny

  • Rick

    #35 lmfao nice

    • Logic76

      The true definition of HOLY SHIT

  • isawoj

    #5 is actually the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

    • Uminy

      Most of these aren't Jesus–they're imposters who wish they were Jesus:
      #2 is Jim Morrison of the Doors (told you he wasn't dead)
      #3 = Kris Kristofferson
      #4 is a creature from that horror flick 'The Descent'
      #6 must be Virgin Gosh Darn Mary
      #8 is Zeus from the original 'Planet of the Apes' (much better than the Marky-Mark ver-jun, imho)
      #9 is a pogo stick
      etcetera, etcetera…
      #30 looks more like Montgomery Burns.
      #36 is Gabe Kaplan

      The only one that really looks anything remotely like Hey-Seuss is #35.

  • St.Christopher

    chive has lost its edge, come on guys, buckle up.

    • Chris M

      I'm guessing you only want to see tits, but this site posts some pretty awesome non-titty stuff. It has for quite a while. You may not like all of the posts, but when you do, they rock.

    • Uncle Buck?

      Why do want them to put on their seatbelts?

      • balls

        yeah, that sounds tamer if anything

  • Ben

    #9 I dont see it…

    • Ruth

      It's Jesus standing up on the right side with his arms held spread out (horizontal white line in the middle)

      • TherealJoel

        it is not jesus. just to clarify

    • lunar

      the brighest line is part of the cross

  • acash

    wow people are idiots

  • Will Moog

    It's always seemed ridiculous to me that even though there are no photos or paintings of Jesus from anyone that was with the man people claim to see his face in everything. We don't even know what he looked like but you are certain that your bran muffin looks just like him? Arrgh. People suck!

  • Gutterville

    #33 just looks like a pancake

    • I Complete You

      …with a picture of satan posing in the middle of it.

  • Jedi

    Jesus Wood…that is all

    • cyphon

      exept thats a slab of stone countertop

      • SinisteRtheWickeD


  • derpson

    much like the the actual jesus, its all in their imagination

  • fzero

    #31 Grilled Cheezus!

  • Stafferty

    If you added a Mexican landscaper at the end, I would have cracked up from the racism alone. However, you missed the window. I am not angry at you Bob, I am merely disappointed.

  • P90

    #1 OMG I love Kit Kat Chunky's.

  • CIA

    #22 looks like Jesus is offering u a fresh brew before you drive off the road and to ur death.

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