The Original Superbike, Brough Superior SS100 (31 Photos)

Of all the motorcycles made, the Brough Superior is widely regarded as one of the most well crafted of all time. Many are still in use today and running strong, although with proper upkeep. The original superbike of it's time, the Superior was driven by a 998cc 50 degree v-twin engine that produced around 45hp. Advertised as the "Rolls Royce of Motorcycles" the Superior was designed to be able to hit 100mph, one of the first vehicles to hold this claim. If you wanted speed and thrills in the 20s and 30s you couldn't do any better. Be careful though. Lawrence of Arabia met his untimely fate aboard a Brough Superior. Keep it upright!

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  • CBRian1K

    #4 is a picture of the aforementioned T.E. Lawrence.

  • Ben

    Hi Patty, do you have any info on the history of these pics especially 5 and 10, I'm looking for racing pics from 1920's & 1930's from the Le Mans and Bol D'Or 24 hr races?

    Kind regards


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