Would You? (22 Photos)

Yes, this was briefly published on Page 2 of theCHIVE last night. Don’t ask (Jack Daniel’s)

  • thomas

    I would not… because I think these people might be crazy #7

    • Tom

      #7 should be named, "Like a Boss"… he's not even strapped in!

      • http://www.facebook.com/animal107 Shane Ellerthorpe

        "Photo-shopped… Like a Boss" No one would carry a full bed spring and mattress up the side of a cliff solo, just for a bed. Oh wait, they included the feet too!

        • You know me

          It also seems to me that this picture would need to be taken from a helicopter (judging by the angle) whereas the others are right next to the mountain side

        • Iceman

          thank you Shane, anyone who thought 7 was real is a certified dumbass-

    • Tom

      Here's one for you guys,

      Great video, but turn off your speakers, the music is gay.

  • DanielB

    Sure it looks like fun!

    • Ben

      But where do they poo?

      • Apocalypse_Now

        Well.. they're hanging on the side of a mountain..

  • jake

    I would… photoshop myself into one of these photos and tell everybody I did it

  • ISU Birds


    • red bird

      the red birds?

      • rdh014

        God loves the Cyclones…and warm, thick-legged women!
        And, to answer the question posted by the Chive…Oh, Hell no!

    • Da Rooster

      screamin eagles baby!

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    i believe i'd juss go ahead and finish climbing to the top and sleep up there, shit!

    • Gezza

      Would love to see you try

    • Anon

      These are climbs that take longer than one day.

  • figurefour

    Yes. Yes I would… for maybe one night.

  • Dan

    is #20 taking a shit?

    • livewire

      No but i now can't get that image out of my head thanks. imagine the splat when it would hit the ground

      • hot carl

        or, imagine the view from below, looking up with an open mouth?

    • http://www.facebook.com/clay.parkinson Clay Adams Parkinson

      you shit in a bag so it can be thrown out when your done. and so its not shit central under your route.

  • Tim

    Hell no. Just…Hell no.

    • Tito

      My exact thoughts

  • zman

    Are you kidding, my nuts are in my throat just looking at photos!

    • SAAD


    • Jen

      id like to have your nuts in my throat. lol

  • Phil

    No. Just no. Unless it was the ONLY way to escape zombies.

    • James

      Still no, I'd rather be a Zombie.

      • Peashooter

        You sir, will never survive Z-Day with an attitude like that.

        • metalmountainco


    • That guy

      I would try the Bill Murray approach first still.

  • Shoestring

    #19 yes I would do both of them.

  • Tyler

    I get sweaty palms just looking at this

    • SomeDude

      That is exactly what I was going to say.

  • Kuba Wrobel

    #18 – That helmet is definitely going to save him when he falls.

    • Phil

      No, but it will save him when he swings on a rope and pounds his head off a rock

    • Rav

      It will save him when someone above him accidentally drops some gear or dislodges a rock.

      • Guest


  • cyphon

    thats damn ridiculous. No F'n way you get me to sleep on some weak ass suspended cot 1000 ft up a sheer rock cliff.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

    What's preventing them from rolling over the edge when sleeping on a little platform like #4?

    • Anonomymotopus

      See the rope going into his sleeping bag, he most likely (and should) have his harness on while he sleeps. (i.e. he's tied to the cliff so he can't fall)

    • Phil

      I thought that, then i noticed the three ropes that are attached to the far side.

    • ????

      do you roll out of bed when you are sleeping???

    • JBBooks


    • RyM

      not rolling over. the same thing that keeps you on your bed at night

  • n/a

    it's all right, they have helmets.

  • Mark

    What is the purpose?

    • metalmountainco

      Some faces take longer than one day to climb.

    • http://twitter.com/24gino @24gino

      just to say you did .

  • Patrick

    Im to scared of heights to even think about climbing up any of that!

  • Flicka

    I would totally do this if I wasn't such a pussy about heights.

  • kevguy

    #16 luke perry?

  • Matt

    NO EFFIN WAY!!!!

  • adobe

    Looks great…but I'll meet them at the bar if and when they get down.

  • TieCieMatic

    You know the feeling when it feels like you're falling out of bed ? Well, if they have it it doesn't end well.

  • I love vball

    there is no way i would trust the metal connections staying in rock and holding my fast ass up.

  • Frito_Pants


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