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  • the voice

    #12 this guy is the ultimate badass…everyone else needs to die

    • Jen

      im holding a python, you're argument is invalid.

      • Sigh

        Wish I was that clever

    • Logic76

      Cuddle snake wants a hug from someone

  • nicKtheDick

    100% recycled

    • Guy

      100% dont care

  • Dan

    # Trippin' Balls

  • Cheesedick

    a fine post like the good ole days when the chive had funny shit, not just hot chicks with clothes on.

  • Matt

    I don't get #16 — not nearly as freaky as the others. Am I missing something?

    • Stafferty

      He has access to all your internet secrets. She just has no idea how shorts work.

      • gozer

        Skirts actually.

    • B-B-Bryan

      That is Zuckerberg. The Facebook Billionaire.

      • schwartzensteinberg

        no it's not. it's just some jewish kid they took a shot of.

      • Logic76

        ..and god of all you millennials!

    • RetardHelper

      Mark Zuckerberg. Heard of Facebook?

      • schwartzensteinberg

        facebook? nah bro im on myspace bro. i didnt get that memo back in 2005 to swtich

        • Randy

          lol@myspace. all the cool kids are still on LiveJournal and Friendster. get with the program.

      • coolhand

        Nah, Its Dave Portnoy, El Prez. Heard of Barstool Sports?

    • BobSugar

      I know it's Zuckerberg, but asians are always taking the weird category.

    • Phil

      Considering it's Zuckerberg… you'd think he could just wait on the side of the road in a Ferarri and get significantly prettier girls. Maybe not smarter or nicer, but prettier for sure.

    • Gern Blanston

      I thought it was Andy Dick

  • Nick702

    Its been a long time since the chive posted one of these. And it looks like the failboat kept on sailing for some people.

  • Scortch

    Wow. Lot of haters here right now

  • tan wang

    Zuckerburg has 50 billion and he can't get a hotter Asian chick then that? His dick must be tiny-

    • Amanda

      Or, you know, he is actually a decent guy that didn't leave the girl he loves when he hit the jackpot.

      • schwartzensteinberg

        you spelled decent guy wrong. it's stupid fucking moron

        • wintercoat

          You make Scumbag Steve look decent.

      • horwitz

        nope, tiny jew penis- trust me

    • obvi

      If i was him i would be killin it… prolly have aids by now

  • urkel

    #9 DUDE! wtf were u thinkin?…….nobody gets the gumby cut anymore

    • Darryl

      You do if you wear boots with 2" stiletto heels…

    • thatwasntthequestion

      Is that Prince? Where's the Revolution?

    • Logic76

      Turbo from Breakin' is not cool anymore

    • polychonopolous

      looks like powerline from a goofy movie.

  • Shh

    21 is signaling her home planet

  • BobSugar

    #5 is scumbag steve's uncle. true story.

    • dlopes

      Gregg Valentino…true story.

      • Terry Burke

        didn't his bicep explode? or they got really infected cuz he would put dirty needles in his arms while on roids. ether way, douche

        • mrluke

          It's bc he injected a solution into his arms to make them bigger (clearly). Just like the retarded broads do to their lips in Cali

          • Pete Ribaudo

            its called synthol. And he really is a huge douchebag.whats funny is all these people meet him and think its really muscle and think its cool. for the record, it is not.synthol injecting is the ultimate of douchebag methods.if your bored one day google image synthol injection.youll get a good laugh.

            • Taffysack

              Woah wtf, good call man, that gave me a good chuckle. Some serious douchbags out there.

    • Jack Bower

      This guy probably has a pin penis from his Steroid Party.

  • Brad

    #11 ain't that bad (I actually like the tattoo) but the rest,…WTF?!

    • VooDoo


  • Tito

    I bet #11 is hot as hell

    • Phil

      If by hot you mean "whips and chains excite her" then yes.

  • jtatman

    #3 I would still like to see your boobies. very much so!!

    Yours too #13. Them are some Tig ol Bitties!!!!

    • Pete Ribaudo

      Those are some can crushin tits!! however im sure her face is penis-wilting and explains the mask

  • Fisheyes

    Hey look, it's Paula. #6

    • HankT

      I bet Paula doesn't have as nice sideboob as this hottie does…

    • Paula

      Actually I look WAY different these days. Much more attractive too. You see, my hair is now green.


  • maxx

    Hahaha #16. Mark Zuckerburg for good measure.

  • aosux

    #14 That kid is awesome…minus the fat chick.

    • TuffGuyHarrison

      Whats up with fat kids and Naruto head bands?

    • Logic76

      Just got back from the Internet Crusades…life is tough!

  • top dog

    #2. You tell em Popeye!!!
    Navy. Hehehehehehe!!

  • Hi

    Dis is gross D:

  • Darryl

    Y'all, if #1 enters the room and licks his eyebrow…you could hear the panties drop

  • Guest

    I'm in love with #11

    Any more hot women with sexy tatooes Chive?

  • McLovin' It


    • McLovin' It

      ^^ #15

  • MigraineBoy

    #3 Chive…Find her…it…!

  • Brah

    I don't know what you're doing posting #15. He just screams sex.

    • thatwasntthequestion

      The soundtrack of my mind is playing…"I'm….Too sexy was this shirt….to sexy for this shirt, so sexy it HURTS…."

  • Frito_Pants

    There's just so much WTF here.

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