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Ball girls are the poor man’s sexy tennis star (28 Photos)

This great post and much more at red-hot-girls.

  • jrj

    Those teeny weeny girls in #3 are pretty.

  • Jim

    God damn! I need to start watching tennis!

  • Nunya

    hehe, you said 'ball' girls

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #5 all day long…for sure good buddy…LOL

  • Siguard

    I am ganna be watching alot more tennis from now on

  • RicoSan80

    WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS SPORT?!! #15 #11 #4 #2

  • dizzy
  • doctor

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Hugo Boss is trying to make up for supporting Nazis and the SS.

  • Shawn Chris

    Props to women for still being all athletic and stuff even with their big ol breasts bouncing all over the place

  • eclipze

    i have moved tennis to be my top favorite sport. nah … beachvolley ball is still ranked 1. lol

  • Anton

    Please find more of #10

  • Carlos

    again this post?!?!??!

  • hiperyon.pantibiblon

    I choose #21 to pick up my balls

  • » Huge in Japan

    […] Russian blog and such prestigious pages as The Chive’s all-cleavage-shot gallery, “Ball Girls are the Poor Man’s Sexy Tennis Star”.  That last one baffles me […]

  • kisstom

    i like this girl!!

  • Sexyballs

    Great to see so many tennis chicks playing with their balls. They are sexy balls players

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