• TeeJ


    • truthserum

      This is a recycled story from years ago- trust me it's FAAAAKE!!!

  • drewtality

    Wow. This is crazy. I wonder what they thought the airplane was….

    • K94

      There actually were some uncontacted tribes in the Pacific during WW2 where shells and parts of airplanes either washed up on the shores or literally fell right on top of them. Apparently some of the tribes saw the strange metals as being gifts from their gods.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marco-Allende/513382328 Marco Allende

        ill second that wow. you know what would be really interesting to see? if they were somehow advanced enough to have developed written language and the ability to express themselves through drawings, i would pay good money to see what their interpretations were. that would be some good insight into what our ancestors might have thought if anything like this ever happened to them…you know ets and the such. you never know. on another note, lets leave these people alone. if we interfere we will basically only push them ten steps closer to extinction.

        • gaz

          Its the prime directive

    • Jay


      Probably like John Frum, who was a fighter pilot in the Pacific and was revered as a god by the locals.

      • surious

        fighter pilot is quite the posit, but he was most likely just a normal soldier, probably John from the USA, thus, the "John Frum"

    • MoochChicken

      Alien overlords.

    • TheGodsMustBeCrazy

      They should have thrown a coke bottle out the window.

      • qwerty

        Epic reference

  • LukasS

    Fucking Incredible

    • googboog

      yeah man..
      is that Gillian Anderson's voice???

  • FixedinDC

    i bet shit hit the fan in that village afterwards.

    • UPSgrrrL88

      They probably wondered what sort of bird-god it was and how it will affect the coming harvest.

      • Tribe_chief_23

        aw jeez i hope it doesn't affect the harvest. It's been a hard year

  • macrda

    They should not be contacted? Who the fuck are you to decide that…? I'm sure they don't want to talk with us…..you douche

    • johnny guitar

      The guy said it should be up to them. WTF is your problem?

      • upsgrrrl88

        Probably a small penis.

    • Gecko

      Historically whenever a civilization with a much higher population density comes into contact with a lesser adavnced race (i.e. Europeans and Native Americans) The latter will also com in contact with seemingly benign strains of viruses and bacteria that the Advanced civilization has developed an immunity to. Having never encountered these focused, evolved strains has historically reuslted in disasterous epidemics that kill a large portion of the native population.

      • BigDingo

        That and slaughtering them mercilessly or inciting tribal warfare…

      • surious

        true. doesn't away work that way however, can also work against the invaders. see "virgin soil epidemic"

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Catherine-Anderson/1503800312 Catherine Anderson

      this comment made no sense…

      This man is working to preserve the culture and lifestyle of the tribes by advocating to governments on their behalf. In using the word 'contact' the guy is talking about devastation of lands, possible violence toward the vulnerable population, and exposure to illness that would inevitably and irreversibly damage the home, heritage and health of the previously "un-contacted".

      tiny penis indeed.

      • Nateb123

        See, here's the moral dilemma you so obvious glazed over. Their health is not better because they are uncontacted. They die of a cut that gets infected as well as innumerable illnesses that are treatable. Then there are potential civil rights dilemmas. What if women are sold as cattle in this tribe? Maybe people are sacrificed. Is that all good just for the sake of our nostalgia towards a time when we were tribal and simple as well?

        You act like preserving their culture is on some moral high ground. I can't think of a view point that is more ignorant.

        • pdubb

          Of course by having extensive contact with a such an isolated people we can quite possibly wipe them out with diseases and illnesses that we're now immune to but their immune systems have absolutely defenses. Like the man said the common cold could kill many of them.

          • Nateb123

            Pdubb, you just parroted what has already been said. Congrats on adding nothing new to the conversation.

  • Lisa_Martin

    Simplicity. I hunt/scavenge/farm=I eat. I build a house=I stay warm. Beautiful. If it weren't for the whole liking modern medicine/indoor plumbing thing I could do this. And thechive of course…liking thechive posting new stuff on a Saturday. 🙂

    • Gecko


      • BigDingo



    • abipolarguy

      I have no illusions about the simple life. I know I'd miss (in random order) clean clothes, soap, stoves, microwaves, computers, internet, TV, radio, refrigerators, modern medicine, lighting, indoor plumbing, central heating, phones, grocery stores, etc.

  • Dude

    We should leave them alone. Making contact with them would just fuck things up for them. let them live in peace.

    • Kai

      Agreed. The majority of native populations in the world have seen their culture and society die as a result of contact with the western nations. Lets hope the people are left alone for as long as possible.

    • vryedenker


    • Logic76

      48 hours after first contact and I bet they already have facebook, LOL

  • Mike

    So we should leave them alone…for another hundred years? Two hundred years? Avatar was great and all, but that was on an entirely different planet. They might actually want to join us. Bring them a laptop, show them the internet, and take them to The Chive.

    • dean

      haha, who's going to pay for that? you think anybody is going to relocate them to a city and train them to live there so they don't end up homeless? they are doing fine on their own, probably way happier than the majority of us in our 'civilized' cities.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-White/545403343 Ryan White

      it's not about that; it's the fact that their cultural identity will inevitably be destroyed as has happened so many times on this planet, let alone the fact that due to genetic bottleneck, most would die, like they said, of merely the common cold. It's important to allow them to preserve their lifestyle. There's nothing that says ours is better.



    • bbgun

      youre an idiot

  • nemesis

    Serious bit: I saw this tribe contacted by a BBC documentary team years ago.

    Jokey bit: There's a Starbucks there now.

    • nemesis

      btw, I fully welcome the weekend posts and I'm sure I'm not alone.

      • Beau


  • http://topsy.com/thechive.com/2011/02/05/first-ever-aerial-footage-of-uncontacted-amazon-tribe-released/?utm_source=pingback&utm_campaign=L2 Tweets that mention First ever aerial footage of uncontacted Amazon tribe released (video) : theCHIVE -- Topsy.com

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Doug Petrole, Kristin, Humor, Medium Funny, drewtality and others. drewtality said: THIS IS NUTS — First ever aerial footage of uncontacted Amazon tribe released : theCHIVE http://t.co/0BR4KbH […]

  • Jojoto

    Hey that an old video and its and hoax

    • Matthew Galvan

      I agree, I read about this story at least a year ago.

      • 8888

        Same, this footage isn't new

        • Masterofnone

          I was about to say that, I thought I could see the future for the moment. How did this gain footing again?

    • John

      I too saw this months ago and it is a hoax.

  • Saint

    Thumbs up if you want to go to brazil, find them, and sneeze like mad.

    • bananah


    • PWNT

      If I sneeze at them it will be with bullets, but I don't plan on doing that unless the challenge my authority as their oldest, most powerful god.

  • john scott


  • Phondo

    This whole situation is depressing, from every angle — exposing them in order to publicize the danger they face from Peruvian tribes who are forced into their territory by deforestation of the Amazon basin (read: all of our greed).

    • kill all hippies

      its fake, chill the fuck out……….. you and your little "deforestation" bull shit…… god I hate you hippy fags

  • Da DjaPavlak

    Didn't some one try this back in the 90's (maybe 80's) and it turned out he paid off some locals to play the part of tribal?

    • ryan

      that was a movie with richard dreyfuss

      • ddd

        Cannibal Holocaust?
        One of the most disturbing yet spectacular films Ive ever seen.

        • dean

          wouldn't say it's spectacular, it was alright.
          the worst parts were when they killed the animals, they were really killed irl.
          but the group that was killed were completely unlikeable, it got to where i was actually looking forward to watching them die.

    • bubblerider86

      um…Krippendorf's Tribe?? lol 😉

  • Johnny

    hoax city

  • skippy

    This was in the news 5 years ago and was deemed a fake by pretty much the entire academic world. Everyone knows this is fake.

  • powpowpow

    its a hoax from a year ago… get with it

  • http://www.getdressedshow.com Tim

    It was reported as a hoax back in 2008 but the publication who called it a hoax apologized for lying and that it is genuine. http://www.survivalinternational.org/news/3670

  • Matt

    Woudn't it have been awesome if they were having a tribal orgy or something at that exact same time that the plane was scheduled to fly by.

    • ryan

      cause we all know that tribal orgies are a necessity in primitive lifestyles

    • josh

      cause we all know that tribal orgies are a necessity in primitive lifestyles

  • mcsgwigga

    Literally amazing video, but is that Scully narrating?

    • Mike

      Yeah, I think it was!

    • Joe

      Wow now that you mention it it does sound exactly like her!

  • ska

    now they are contacted!!

  • Picard

    call me crazy, hoax or no, but isn't the act of flying over them with the plane "contact" in a way…not exactly following the Prime Directive now are we…

    • ska

      MmM what they gonna think? a huge metal bird flew over us… this mean bad luck.
      or worst they may think theyr god is angry to them… i am pretty sure they do not have the correct ide of "plane"…

      • Picard

        you obviously didn't get the Star Trek joke…but thanks for playing!

      • http://www.theingenuous.com Kai

        your ideas of a native person are pretty demeaning.

      • bob

        they were a kilometer above them, but yeah i know what you mean

  • CaptainClutch

    do you think they have facebook?

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