Kill Bill birthday cake… for a 9-year old (8 photos)

  • Picard

    haha….parent fail

    • ????

      milf though

    • Gecko

      parent fail?
      nay, Coolest Mom on the Block.
      besides, have you seen some the gore they set up for kids at halloween?

  • Aaron Burns

    what. the. hell. is. wrong. with. those. parents…

    • McBeastie


    • andyg8180

      I know! I cant stand hot moms who make awesome cakes… It disgusts me to the point of wanting a gallery of this hot mom

    • Steve

      I'm with you buddy, there are some things a nine year old shouldn't see. Kill Bill is probably one, what i would like her mom do to me is another.

  • Nick

    These fucking parents nowadays!

  • tommybhoy

    #6 I would be hoping the mini sword was real if I got that cake

  • Kaelen

    hey miss, how long till your husbands home? #8

  • peter piper

    that MILF needs to be donkey punched immediately!

    • Erik von Markovik

      or the houdini

  • trekcycler

    Yeah. more mom

    • Smitty

      Yes please, MOAR!

      I sense she is a future lower back problems candidate.

  • mcsgwigga

    I want that cake

  • Paula

    Anyone for a Kill Paula cake?


  • wut

    she looks like kristen bell

    • F it

      except this girl is hot and has tits.

      • Joeyk

        You take that back! You take that back right now! You do not disrespect Kristen Bell! Shame on you.

  • Jisper

    #8 More of the mother.

    • CalculatedRisk

      MILF Mondays? Cougar Tuesdays?

  • Nigel

    You're damn right about that…Hellooo Mommy.

  • Wolfram

    Well the cake is pretty cool but I think the bloody walls are a little overboard. Still, that mom is bangin! I'd take her for a spin in my Pussy Wagon

  • Mr. Mike


    We'll see the mom again… not in her own gallery, but on the 6 o'clock news about 7 years from now, telling a reporter she "did everything I knew to be a good parent… I don't know why Muffy shot all those penguins!"

    Define child abuse…

    • BigDingo

      Sooo… having a kick ass birthday cake makes you go to the zoo and shoot penguins?

      • Murray

        No, its those violent video games! LOL.

      • Mr. Mike

        Sooo… this is acceptable for a 9-year-old in your world? Wow.

        • loser

          So this is unacceptable in your world? Nobody cares. Go judge yourself in the corner.

          • Mr. Mike

            It's not about passing judgment, oh self-proclaimed loser. I can think and discern and I know a clueless adult when I see one. Judgment implies a desire to convict and punish someone. I think this mom is going to be punished soon enough, and not by me.

            I love this place. The irreverence and crazy caca that goes on here is great. I DO get a little sensitive when kids are involved, though… I'll give you that.

    • wmbdover

      Wonder how long their rabbits survive?? That's a rather macabre cake, to be sure.

      • Jen

        as a parent, i would never make that sort of cake my for 7 yr old son and if i took him to a party where the mother had made a cake like that, i would ask her wtf her problem is. there is a reason why they have ratings on movies and video games n shit. VA Tech? Columbine? HELLO! kids are impressionable. but yes, she is pretty hot. a DAMILF Dumb ASS MILF…

        • Frankie Muniz

          Oh I see Marilyn Manson, Grand Theft Auto, and Heavy Metal is what drove those kids to do what they did. You are amazingly stupid. This mom rocks. Beats some lame ass toy story birthday party.

    • Paula

      Go Fuck Youselves. It's a cake- Oh shit! This kid watches good movies. Hate to break it to you but the news shows more rape and violence then Kill Bill does. Not to mention the fucking vitriol spit out by politicians these days. I'd rather have my nine year old watch kill bill instead of Glen Beck and the Jersey Shore. Fuck you in your asses ass cocks.


      • Mr. Mike

        I'd rather have ALL 9-year-olds safe from people who justify showing kids incredibly violent movies by pointing out we live in a violent society. Yeah, Articulate Paula, you really put us in our places with that logic.

        You're more clueless than this mom…


        • Jen

          Frankie Muniz – please dont ever procreate.

    • McBeastie

      I'm not sure you'll be able to hear me from up on your high horse, but if you take time to explain and talk to your kids about the difference between fake violence and real violence they may be able to understand the nuances of good movie making at an early age. You know, talk to your kids. Sitting them in front of Dora the Explorer for 4 hours without teaching them a thing yourself is worse than engaging with them over a Tarantino movie. My kid is going to watch Shogun Assassin, Peckinpah, and Tarantino, unless they don't want to. Taking an interest in the kid is what this mom is doing…not doing that leads to "shooting penguins" or whatever the fuck it is you are rambling about.

      • Mr. Mike


        Age appropriate is what we are talking about. Extreme violence (staged is worse than real, in that you don't REALLY get to see the results as much as sanitized aftermath, but that is another rant) is not age appropriate, and if you think it is, we'll have to disagree.

        So, DISCERNMENT puts me on a "high horse"? Without discernment we'd still be reaching into fires with our bare hands, McB…

        • McBeastie

          discernment my ass. you called out child abuse.

  • yesmaam

    More of the HOT MOM!

  • Brewdy

    I am officialy in love with that kids mother!

  • andyg8180

    screw the cake, more of the mom!

    • bramer

      you mean less of the cake , screw the mom !

      • andyg8180

        touche'!!! thumbs up for you! lol

  • theMorgue77

    AWESOME!!!!! And moar of MILF.

  • jim

    Mom has an obvious back problem

  • bigdaddy

    Nice MILF #8

  • SEM

    Great Cake. Imbecile Mother! What part of that movie is good for a nine year old? Must be fun fielding questions like, "Hey Mom, have you ever ridden in a Pussy Wagon?"

  • nemesis

    'cept she probably sounds like Joyce of "My Name is Earl" fame.

    • nemesis

      Joy, that is.

  • DanimalHX

    If theChive can pull off getting MOAR of #8 mom, that might be the greatest online achievement in at least 4 months. (In online terms, that's like 18 years in real life)

  • Amanda

    I say awesome 9-year-old. Who cares? Child's Play was my favorite movie at age 5.

    • Frankie Muniz


  • MSM

    Straight up Awesome+ Hot Mom= win!

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