The Civilizing of Scumbag Steve (7 Photos)

Here at the Chive, we've been known to post angry emails from time to time. Well, we have one for the record books today.
Recently, the 'Scumbag Steve' meme has torched the internet. Last Friday, we published a 'Best-Of-Scumbag' gallery on everybody's least favorite house guest . The photos caught the attention of Scumbag Steve himself whose real name is Blake, a wannabe rapper from Boston. Blake wasn't too happy and we decided to have a little fun with him...

UPDATE: Blake is saying the emailer is NOT him. One thing is for sure, if it’s not whoever cooked it up is one helluva’ troll. It sounds exactly like him. Also seems like he took it well. Blake may just turn out to be an OK dude after all…

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