The Civilizing of Scumbag Steve (7 Photos)

Here at the Chive, we've been known to post angry emails from time to time. Well, we have one for the record books today.
Recently, the 'Scumbag Steve' meme has torched the internet. Last Friday, we published a 'Best-Of-Scumbag' gallery on everybody's least favorite house guest . The photos caught the attention of Scumbag Steve himself whose real name is Blake, a wannabe rapper from Boston. Blake wasn't too happy and we decided to have a little fun with him...

UPDATE: Blake is saying the emailer is NOT him. One thing is for sure, if it’s not whoever cooked it up is one helluva’ troll. It sounds exactly like him. Also seems like he took it well. Blake may just turn out to be an OK dude after all…

  • JBlackWind

    hahahahaha this is perfect!

  • Earl

    Bonzaiking is not a word, that brunette wearing those words backwards on the Hooters black,sleeveless shirt is completely ridiculous, that makes that shirt all the more ridiculous to wear it like that. That imbecile says on her placard, holding a sign saying on it, I'm not a "dog". so don't whistle "at" me. Thats another lie most women are telling themselves these days that their dogs if they are whistled at, without realizing that dogs would treat their masters better than the way they been treating us lately, which is quite inhumane, and insensitive. Always on the attack like an attack dog, we dont do nothing wrong just whistle at someone got to attack by being confrontational, compliment her bosom and rearend theres another attack, try to have sexual intercourse they attack us for that too and pass judgement on us.

  • Jack

    The so-called womens movement is the Devils Movement, to millions of women, government officials, anyone who is naive enough to believe in their lies to misinterpret them as gospel truths, which they are not. We shouldn't have satanic symbols on our flying mechanical jets, which is what the pentagram is a blasphemous, why is that O.K. to have that on military vehicles?

  • The Handsome Edward

    The kinds of dog, women act like now a days are the ones that aren't too bright who think they got to attack everybody they walk by, even an innocent bystander whos only innocently whistling at them, showing their fangs. "Bleats" of her companions? Why would anyone unless they are dimwitted use such a poor choice of words and say bleats in the same sentence with companions for? If they were innocent like sheep, then no one would walk down the street and be an attack dog, attacking anything that moves,always trying to pick a fight with anyone who is different even if that someone just happens to be a whistler, making that attractive sound that should make them swoon, definition to enter a state of hysterical rapture or ecstasy. God made drugs.

  • Kyle

    Women today remind me of our pet dog, they always mistake compliments for so-called threatening which its not another lie straight from the pits of hell and the devil, so they bark and want to attack anybody who moves. Mistaking compliments for "teasing" and acting up by barking almost like an incorrigible dog, inciting riots, and sedition. Misinterpreting compliments out of context is a kind of sedition against the church as is putting ones arm around someone is as well sadly. I once had to someone confront me over something that shouldn't had been such an issue that she had to make a spectacle of herself at a Native American event in Danbury Ct. just because I photographed her daughters bosom, when if she didn't like sheshould have told me herself, withouther mother using a lawyer, Im gonna get my warriors after you threat, so I can coerce you to delete those photos.

  • Jason

    That dude might breed others like him. We are doomed.

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