theCHIVE’s Facebook wall is spreading like wild fire (12 photos)

A couple months ago we found a cool website,, that prints your Facebook friends' profile photos on a full size poster. We thought it would be a fun science experiment to bring our Chivers within our offices (on paper) and print all 20,000 Facebook Fans and create a giant wallpaper of Chivers. Since then we have nearly doubled our Facebook fans and we have 38,475 now and our wall continues to grow by about 500 fans per day.

We have filled one of three walls and we estimate that it will take about 150,000 Facebook fans to completely cover our offices. Chivery Mutiny? We print new fans every week, so if you haven't "LIKED" theCHIVE -make sure you click HERE and hit LIKE to be added to our next round of printing.

LIKE theCHIVE on Facebook and be added to our ever-growing Facebook Wall

  • Derp

    I feel like I'm there with you, you know, in your office.

  • i kinda like apples

    give it a year and every wall will be covered.

    • Leo

      I give it 3 months.

      • Pyp

        Is that a challenge!

      • SweetAwesomeness

        #2 is Bob wearing "mandals"??!!?!!??

        BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ty Paige

    #8 i need to work for you guys. Where do I Apply

    • mgreen


  • Frank

    The Chive is seriously the best site ever.

  • MikeK

    Oh! There's my pic!

  • force kin

    thought youd have made one of them big pictures thats made of faces …. now that would be cool

  • derpson

    #5 find her….oh wait

  • Nelson Costa

    Cool. my ugly mug is on that wall.
    the biggest achievement of my life.. : ]

    • Aldi

      Thats… kinda sad…. But I can totally understand it 😀

    • Emma Oliver

      exactly how i feel dude.

  • jeff

    that would be sweet to see my FB photo on one of these pics

  • KeyserSoze


    i see the Danneskjöld Repossessions logo. Nice.

  • Marshall

    Can i stop by and find mine?

  • zman

    #4 find her

  • Henrik

    I liked you on fb now

  • TheTruth

    I'm watching you…. I hope.

  • Catch

    You're gonna need a bigger office, if you plan on continuing this.

  • derpson

    #8 in all seriousness…who is that blonde near the middle? moar please

    • brittney Opacak

      Thats me. Brittney Opacak and Ive been trying to get on the chive forever!

      • mgreen

        Please get her on……..

      • AnyoneforCoffee

        Chivette photos if you don't mind then, please. Stop being so damned selfish.

      • brittney Opacak

        oopsie! nvm Im # 6. got excited 🙂

    • john dory

      "i fucking love this stick!!!"

  • Mark


  • @withquotation

    #8 2 down 2 to the right. find her and get her to send in a chivette pic. please! i want mooaaaarrrrr!

  • ckris King

    it would be awesome if they were more colorful ……..its almost grey the sum up :/

  • Patricia Sparrow

    several of my FB friends like to point out that they see my photo every time they get on the Chive because of the widget that shows people who like the CHIVE on FB. I like to pretend I'm famous instead of just infamous.

  • Mason


    Do I spy Cee Lo Green at the bottom of this one?

  • Eeik5150

    OK, now you need to take a picture of the final product and tag everyone *troll face*

  • zero

    #12 Is that an egg chair and where do i get one of the those?

    • Jen

      your mom has one. i saw it at her house last night.

    • Wolfram

      Men In Black set prop storage, most likely.

  • Christopher Pinto

    Where am I?

  • ROK

    #6 blonde 5 rows over, 4 down DAAAAAANG

    • Brittney Opacak

      thats me!!! the blonde!!!

      • ROK

        omg this is embarassing as hell

        • brittney Opacak

          No i think its awesome! Ive been dieing to get on the chive lol

          • ROK

            the time is now my friend! send in those pics! (cc me plz k thnx!)

            • brittney Opacak

              lol! Ill try again. wish me luck!

              • mgreen

                Chive….. Get this pics up!!!!!! Sexy

                • Wolfram

                  Yep there's been a callout in the comments. Send those pics in and I think we'll have our next Chivette!

          • Jacob

            Brittney is the best, she needs to be a chivette.

            • Brittney Opacak


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