Who hasn’t George Holz photographed -Part 2 (37 photos)

Check out Part 1 HERE in case you missed it

  • tha drizzle

    #28 & #32 two of my all-time favorite crazies

    • tha drizzle

      Shit, how could I forget #14 & #26

  • T-Bo

    No Morgan Freeman freckles? Fail.

    • Phondo

      I guess the Chive's very strict, long-held no-Photoshop policy doesn't apply to men.

      • notcutekids


  • heavyD

    #7 Sweet lord!! this must be an angel that came down from heaven to grace us with her presence. what an honor for us mere mortals

    • tha drizzle

      Boobs, I like the boobs the best.

    • Paula

      Is that really by George Holz though? Left side of her face overexposed, too dark around her right eye… Dissapoint.


      • DaddyD

        I usually enjoy your comments (as well as the emasculated responses), but you're just wrong on this one. The lighting is by design.

    • Dude

      Christina Hendricks is a whole lot of beautiful woman. And to think she lets the Schnozberries guy cuddle those wonderful dirty pillows. Rawr!!

    • Kelly

      Her chest scares me. I think It's the first place the police should look when there is an Amber alert because you could loose several children in there.

      • northerner

        Her bust line spoils the look. Something weird about her boobs. Not attractive.

  • heavyD

    #19 My favorite actor. the most charismatic guy in hollywood

    • jred

      #19 Anyone else notice the lack of his freckles?

      • BobSugar

        yea, def shopped

        • bud

          #33 thats a hot predator

  • LansingMI

    #34 – God. Dayum. I no longer need coffee this morning. Thank you, Chive, for making me more efficient.

    • testington

      Allison Bree is awesome

  • simmel

    Haha, you posted all the photos on the main page XD That has never happended before, epic 😉

  • Username Taken

    Names should be included for us celeb idiots

    • DaddyD


  • Martin

    Joseph Fritzel, he hasn't photographed Joseph.

    • Phondo

      But I think he shot his brother, Timmy Fritzel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sebastian.schwaighofer Sebastian Schwaighofer

    sean penn

  • Russ

    # 17 one of the greatest artists we have.

  • jEDROL

    #4 has ugly feet

    • Mario

      You're doing it wrong.

    • thatwasntthequestion

      got news for you….if you're looking at her feet, you're gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just an observation.

      • Oh4fuckssake

        possibly the most unoriginal comment ever. Well done dousche.

    • Celentano

      very ugly!!!!!!!!! have to doing a photoshop

    • northerner

      Criticize the feet if you will. Wasn't looking at her feet. Wishing for a flashlight. Wanting to explore the, um, darker areas of the lady…

    • hMMMM

      He makes a valid point. Go back and look! WTF?!

  • Russ

    #17 one of the greatest artists we have.

    • aaaaarg

      for me to poop on

    • melillzz

      Dave Matthews Band. . . . . EPIC FAIL!!!!

    • DMB, Ess My D

      He was better when he was on heroin.

      • Jessica Condrey

        Most of the haters of Dave are kids who were born after 1995, otherwise they would understand the music era we lived through. My guess is they love them some Nickleback and Kayne

  • mike

    the chive….. html error on 2/16. love it.

  • NotATroll

    i miss #21

    • adam

      #15 AND #21 REST IN PEACE. The scene from "TRUE ROMANCE" with DENNIS HOPPER and CHRISTOPHER WALKEN will go down as one of greatest scenes in cinema history.

      • Shoestring

        Blue Velvet, Candy Colored Clown scene, is a personal favorite. He was also pretty awesome in Apocalypse Now.

  • Charles

    #23 TOOL that beats women! not the rich wives but his $100 an hour ho's he sends to the E.R. on a monthly basis…True Story!

    • fuck charles

      go suck a dick charles, jealous much?

    • thatwasntthequestion


    • She Fat

      I will forever support him for what he said about Rosie O'Donnell.

  • Henry Gibson

    #18 & #34: Didn't we see these two pics of Alison Brie during the last Greg Holz go-around a couple weeks back?

    Not that I mind, you understand…

    • Bree1912

      I love community!

  • ACon

    #1 back when Brittney was hot, those were the days.

    • DaddyD

      I would still do her in a second … if I could last that long.

  • Grendel

    The photogoraphy is excellent, but since I don't watch network television and seldom go to the moveis, I have no idea who most of these people are (I recognize Hopper and Freeman). Give me real Chivettes any day.

    • Louie

      You should climb out of your cave once and awhile

  • tico

    18 and 28 solo good

  • XOS

    #8 #18 #30 & #34

  • bless1

    #37… who is she? I could see some more of her.

    • Jeffrey Lebowski

      Isn't that the Kristin chick from the MTV show?

    • Matt

      kristen cavalari (sp?), she was on those mtv shows.

    • BobSugar

      sucha bitch… but I love that.

    • Mikey WINS

      Shes a douchebag dating Jay Cutler who is also a douchebag.

  • Brad

    who is #18 #27
    wow #28 #30

    • misschris

      Alison Brie & Cameron Diaz 🙂
      Heidi is AMAZING.

  • NickRob

    Is it just me or is Antonio smokin a J in #9

    • BigDingo

      It's just you… sorry

  • Marc

    More photoshop plz…No talent with photos…

  • ely whitley

    was lovin it till I saw this #25. what in the name of all things cock is that waste of screenspace doing on here? I've flushed things down the U-bend with more right to celebrity status than her.

    • Mega-Tron

      Yeah, say what you want to about her but, I'll bone the SHIT out of her. No matter what, she is still female and thats all I need.

    • northerner

      Never understood the Paris Hilton Hate. Yes, she's an airhead. No argument there. She's a spoiled rich girl. No argument there, either. She's mostly clueless. But, aside from those obvious truths, she's still a lovely woman and worthy of a photographer's attention.

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